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MPAA Rated R for drug/alcohol use and sexuality involving teens, language and a disturbing image

Sex & Nudity

  • a theme of the movie is that Justin falls into a very odd sexual relationship with his friend Rebecca
  • Some odd, weird and graphic sexual situations involving teens.
  • there is no nudity... however V E R Y implied sex
  • while Justin and Rebecca are in the woods, she strips to her bra and short shorts. and Justin takes his shirt off. (she ends up leaving and no sex happens)
  • Justin jokes that he is a "cocksucker" when asked about what the initials on his thumb mean
  • in the hotel party scene, Justin and 3 other girls are drunk. There are all in their underwear (no sex involved)

Violence & Gore

  • A boy scares a man and he gets into a bike wreck on the pavement (he is unharmed)
  • a very graphic scene, where a man in rehab hides drugs in his butt...a nurse pulls them out. blood everywhere
  • ....this may make some people queasy


  • A use of two of the F-word here and there, however not very strong, and some other profanities.
  • Justin jokes that he is a "cocksucker" when asked about what the initials on his thumb mean

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • a theme of the movie is that a boy has ADHD and is put on Rittalin.
  • he makes a statement to his mother that the drug makeup is one molecule way from being cocaine.
  • a man is shown in rehab hiding drugs in his butt. A nurse pulls them out.
  • that same man later talks about the situation to Justin.
  • several references to a certain group of kids being "stoners", which may offend some kids who use the drug
  • Justin, Rebecca, and other high-school teens smoke marijuana several times throughout the movie and get high on it
  • it is implied that Justin and Rebecca get high on other drugs...however no mention of those drugs appear
  • a teacher buys a six-pack of beer and a bottle of alcohol for a group of kids who throw a party in a hotel room
  • they are shown drunk and several girls are in their underwear and Justin is shirtless

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • the sexual scenes are VERY graphic involving him being blindfolded and told he cannot speak, as it breaks the rules of "their game"...which some viewers may find odd and disturbing.
  • Justins orthodontist acts as his therapist. he convinces Justin to try hypnosis. The result is quite intense and causes Justin to dislike his orthodontist
  • a man in rehab has a bag of cocaine pulled from his butt. he screams in pain, and bleeds from his back-cavity onscreen.

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