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Season 1

28 May 2002
Kuroi kenshi
The Black Swordsman, known as Guts, enters a small village and begins clashing with an army led by evil apostles.
14 Oct. 1997
Taka no dan
Guts faces a man wearing a large armor suit in one-on-one combat. He also has to go against the Band of Hawk on his journey.
21 Oct. 1997
Griffith defeats Guts, and makes him a member of the Band of the Hawk. The Hawks go on a midnight raid and Griffith chooses Guts for the most important position of rear guard.
28 Oct. 1997
Kami no te
Guts settles in with the Band of the Hawk, and Griffith shows him his Behelit. Guts remembers his childhood, being raised by his adoptive father and mentor Gambino. Three years pass and the Band of the Hawk grow in power and numbers.
4 Nov. 1997
Guts is now a commander in Griffith's army, and is taking risks in battle. Griffith is knighted as a viscount in the Midland court to the nobles' dismay. Guts saves the Hawks in battle, to Casca's chagrin.
11 Nov. 1997
Fushi no Zodd
Guts leads his men to raid a castle under Chuder occupation, but his men are wiped out by Nosferatu Zodd the Immortal, a fearsome giant warrior.
18 Nov. 1997
Tsurugi no aruji
Though he and Guts are still injured from their encounter with Nosferatu Zodd, Griffith uses it to get closer to the King and his daughter Charlotte. Guts and some of the Hawks feel that Griffith is pulling away from them.
25 Nov. 1997
Griffith and Guts continue to have success in battle and Griffith is made a count. General Yurius is furious about this, and the minister Foss plants the idea of murder in his mind. The plan is to shoot Griffith with a poison arrow during an upcoming hunt.
2 Dec. 1997
Griffith and the Princess are growing closer during the hunt when Griffith is shot in the chest with a poisoned arrow.
9 Dec. 1997
Toutoi mono
Guts assassinates Yurius. But something went wrong and Guts lost himself and then he decide something.
16 Dec. 1997
Griffith and the Hawks lead the march into battle. Where Casca went into Trouble and Guts went to help her. But they both got lost and no one went to search.
23 Dec. 1997
Casca tells her story. Griffith helped her save her from being raped.
6 Jan. 1998
Kesshi gyou
The commander of the Blue Whale Knights and his crew find Guts and Casca. Though completely outnumbered, Guts tells Casca to run and stays to fight. Some men go after Casca, catching her and holding her down in order to rape her. Guts continues fighting.
13 Jan. 1998
Yume no kagaribi
Guts and Casca are rescued by Judo and his men, and after being treated for their injuries Casca learns of Guts true feelings of being in the Band of the Hawk. And what he plans to do after the war is over.
20 Jan. 1998
Griffith and the Band of the Hawk are given the authority to lead charge that may finally end the 100 year war.
27 Jan. 1998
The Band of the Hawk leads the final charge of the war, Casca gets some payback for her earlier defeat, and Guts gains some unlikely assistance from an old enemy while fighting a powerful knight.
3 Feb. 1998
Eikou no shunkan
The Hawk returns victorious in their battle and have a night of well deserved celebration. As another assassination attempt unfolds on Griffith during the festivities.
10 Feb. 1998
Honoo no bohyou
The conspirators of Griffiths assassination revel in their victory, but how long will it last whenever the plan goes awry. And what will Casca and the Hawk do when Guts makes a decision that will shake them to the core.
17 Feb. 1998
Guts decides to leave the Band of the Hawk unable to bear Griffiths dream any longer. But Griffith won't accept this without a fight.
24 Feb. 1998
Guts stays at an old friends house for a year during his journey. That soon changes after he learns of what happened to the Hawk after he left.
3 Mar. 1998
Guts returns to the Hawk and learns of Griffiths capture. And Casca reveals her true feelings to Guts.
10 Mar. 1998
The Band of the Hawk successfully rescues Griffith....but only to find that he is no longer the man they rememeber, which infuriates Guts.
17 Mar. 1998
As the Band of Hawk mourn over their leaders crippling state, Guts makes plans to leave once more with Casca and his men in company. But will his plan change when he learns of Casca's decision to not leave Griffith?
24 Mar. 1998
Griffith, being distraught over his crushed dream, decides to make a sacrifice to regain his lost power.
31 Mar. 1998
Eien no koku
The Eclipse takes it toll on the Band of the Hawk, as Guts fights to survive against the horrors that will shape him...for better or worse.

 Season 1 

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