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Season 2

30 Sep. 2003
The New Good Morning, Miami
The new couples Jake and Dylan, and Gavin and Penny, consummate their new relationships which leaves Frank feeling left out.
7 Oct. 2003
Good Morning, Manhattan
Jake and Dylan move to NY after Jake quits his job, Victoria takes over as Executive Producer with disastrous results, Jake see the results and develops a guilty conscience about his move and then decides to return to Miami.
14 Oct. 2003
I Second That Promotion
Gavin receives recognition as the most improved on air personality then runs into Victoria at an AA meeting, later Gavin becomes an investigative reporter. Dylan discovers Penny's past.
21 Oct. 2003
With Friends Like These, Who Needs Emmys?
Jake promotes Dylan to producer then micro-manages her. Gavin makes a fool out of himself when he doesn't know how to pronounce Beyoncé. Frank tries to impress a caterer named Hollis.
28 Oct. 2003
The Ex Games
Dylan reveals she has an ex-husband to Jake meanwhile Frank and Penny go to a holiday costume party.
11 Nov. 2003
Will You Still Leave Me Tomorrow?
Victoria helps Dylan negotiate the best deal at a car dealer. Gavin is unsure about his relationship with Penny.
18 Nov. 2003
A Kiss Before Lying
An old family friend Mr. Fowler kisses Dylan and creeps out Jake. Jake is caught in a lie when his mother Judy visits and Frank is asked to fill in during the holiday.
11 Dec. 2003
Her Place or Mine?
Victoria fights with Jake over a place on a corporate retreat trip, a parking spot, and an apartment that Dylan saw first, Gavin's investments dry up and he gets a job doing a cartoon voice.
25 Dec. 2003
Subterranean Workplace Blues
The station cuts corners to get new computers and Victoria banishes the staff to the basement after Jake goes over her head to get them and tells the Sunbright Ceo Jim Templeton.
18 Dec. 2003
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Cages
Frank can't take a hint when he falls for a Zookeeper, meanwhile Gavin uses a stolen hole punch to get free coffee at Star Beans.
11 Feb. 2004
You Bet Your Relationship
Everyone in the station has a pool on whether or not Jake and Dylan will last, and everyone loses. Gavin and Penny bring separate dates to a dinner party held by Jake and Dylan.
25 Feb. 2004
Nightmare at 2000 Feet
The station's helicopter crashes in the Everglades during a storm and they are forced to communicate their location to Frank live on the air since he accidentally trapped Jake and Penny inside a magic box.
4 Mar. 2004
Victoria's Secret
Victoria is fired but keeps coming to work anyway, Gavin does the sports segment, Penny trains Frank in self defense after he was mugged.
11 Mar. 2004
A Sample Plan
Frank gets caught in a scam by an old woman that Penny warns him about.
18 Mar. 2004
Gays and Confused
Gavin is feeling sorry for himself and everything he says seems like he is coming out of the closet. While Frank's ex-wife Sara is back and everyone is confused by the injures Frank sustains from magic tricks gone awry.
25 Mar. 2004
The Return of the Ring
Gavin hosts a show about teenagers and sex.
25 Mar. 2004
The Wait Problem
Jake and Dylan wonder if they should wait to get married. Gavin's mom Catherine visits town.
25 Mar. 2004
Three Ring Circus
The show is being canceled and as a final rating stunt Jake's network boss Larry comes to town and turns Jake and Dylan's wedding into a circus, so they both run out on the wedding.

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