The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (TV Series 1998–2006) Poster

Mark DeCarlo: Hugh Neutron, Janitor, Jensen, Mayor, Sheezicks


  • [Hugh is playing with Brobot] 

    Hugh : I got your nose. (It comes off) I really do... Here's 5 bucks.

  • [watching Jimmy's TV show] 

    Hugh : Look at our little Jimbo. The camera loves him.

    [things go wrong on Jimmy's show] 

    Hugh : My mistake. The camera only likes him as a friend.

  • Sheen : Remember, this game is for mature players only, so act even more maturer than we usuallly do. I'll try to grow a mustache.

    Jimmy : My dad's over 18. I'll act like him.

    [approaches counter and imitates Hugh] 

    Jimmy : Well, howdy there, clerky-clerkotron.

    Clerk : Beat it. This game is for mature players only due to violence, exaggerated mayhem, and old-lady kicking.

    Sheen : THAT'S NOT FAIR! I demand my constipational rights!

    [the boys are thrown out of the store] 

  • Hugh : Watch me shot-put this potato.

    Judy : Oh, ooh, be careful!

    [Hugh throws the potato out the window] 

    Man : Ow! My eye!

  • Jimmy : Don't couples usually go on second honeymoons?

    Judy : We had one of those, but thanks to a certain boy genius and his Forget-O-Blaster, we have lost all memory of it.

    Jimmy : Oh, yeah.

    Judy : As well as the fifth year of our marriage.

    Hugh : I wish I could remember that year. Do you think I had pie?

  • Hugh : [On parenting]  I find that it helps to set limits, like, "No time travel on school nights", or, "No teleporting your mother".

  • Hugh : I just love our nine billion channel alien cable line-up!

  • Hugh : I am Man, the pointy tip of the food chain! Gaze upon my opposable thumbs and tremble!

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