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(2003 Video)

Thomas Haden Church: Lyle Van de Groot



  • Sally : The old witch says the muscleman keeps the deed in his underwear.

    Lyle : That's disgusting.

    Kowalski : Yeah, but at least it'll be easy to find.

    [Opens closet and finds tons of loincloths] 

    Lyle : [gets passed some]  These look familiar.

    [gets passed more] 

    Lyle : Obviously he was planning to stay for a while.

    [gets passed more] 

    Lyle : You would think at some point, Ursula would recommend a zebra pattern.

  • Narrator : Lyle and the women were still searching our simple simian's shorts.

    Sally : What now? It'll take us years to go throught the rest of these.

    Narrator : And it would have too, had the precise, practical, pragmatic Ursula not labeled them.

    Lyle : [searches one]  Ooh-ooh feathers.

    [searches another] 

    Lyle : Hyena burger.

    [searches a third one] 

    Lyle : Wait a second. Deed.

  • Beatrice : You remember my son-in-law, George.

    Lyle : I do. George, clearly the best man won, but no hard feelings. Shake?

    [George shakes whole body] 

    Ursula : What are you doing here? I mean, last time we saw you, you tried to have George killed, Ape captured, and dragged me off to marry you.

    Lyle : That actually wasn't me, kitten. That was the altitude sickness.

  • Narrator : Lyle was celebrating getting the deed in a typically mature fashion.

    Lyle : [singing]  I have the deed, I have the deed, this is the deed I have, I have the deed...

    [Beatrice trips him] 

    Lyle : Aah!

  • Beatrice : We're dead meat.

    Lyle : I thought I was making progress.

    Beatrice : That ape has a better chance of running off with her than you do.

    Lyle : He does? Where have you heard?

  • Lyle : [over phone to Beatrice, about deed]  Turns out your idiot son-in-law has it. But where does he keep it.

    Beatrice : I'll ask him.

    [to George] 

    Beatrice : George?

    George : Hmm?

    Beatrice : Where do you keep the deed to Ape Mountain?

    George : George hide in buttflap.

    [walks into vine and trips] 

    Beatrice : Enchanting.

    [to Lyle] 

    Beatrice : He keeps it in his underwear.

    Lyle : Now, the only question is how do we get him and his underwear back here, so I can take it?

  • Lyle : I haven't been this disappointed since the sixth grade, when my sister stole my Shaun Cassidy lunchbox.

    George : George confused.

    Lyle : Shaun Cassidy was a popular TV character in the late 70s, along with Parker Stevenson. I followed both their careers, actually.

    George : George not confused about Shaun Cassidy, George confused about unhypnotizing.

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