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Steve Zahn: Adam Penenberg



  • [after debunking Stephen Glass's New Republic article, Hack Heaven] 

    Adam Penenberg : But there is one thing in this story that checks out.

    Kambiz Foroohar : What's that?

    Adam Penenberg : [sarcastically]  There does appear to be a state in the union named Nevada.

  • Adam Penenberg : [During a conference call]  A few other people we can't seem to locate: Julie Farthwork, Frank Juliet, and Ian Restil's agent Joe Hiert we called the numbers you gave us and got voicemails for all three and the emails were sent back "no address" or "account closed".

    Stephen Glass : Really? Because I've emailed them a million times Hiert's online all day long.

    Adam Penenberg : Did you ever call these people and get them directly?

    Stephen Glass : No, I always left messages and spoke to them when they called me back.

    Adam Penenberg : The references in the article to the Nevada Law Enforcement Officials was Jim Ghort the only one you spoke to?

    Stephen Glass : Yes.

    Adam Penenberg : Do you have a phone for him?

    Stephen Glass : Yeah definitely.

    Adam Penenberg : By the way what was your basis for writing Jukt was a "big time software company"?

    Stephen Glass : I didn't that was edited by the copy desk.

    Adam Penenberg : Was the hackers conference the first time you met the Jukt executives?

    Stephen Glass : That part of the article is misleading I was never in the Restil's home at all.

    Adam Penenberg : You weren't in the Restil's home with the Jukt executives?

    Stephen Glass : No, I didn't mean to imply I had been, did the fax come through ok?

    Adam Penenberg : Yes it did but I think the address might've gotten garbled because we can't find the site.

    Stephen Glass : Ok do you want to read it back to me?

    Adam Penenberg : Sure, you gave us ""

    Stephen Glass : Wait, was that an "M"?

    Adam Penenberg : I'm sorry?

    Stephen Glass : After Jukt, was that an "M"? As in "Micronics"?

    Adam Penenberg : No, it was an "N" as in "not working"

    Stephen Glass : Try "M" sorry about that I was just rushing.

    Kambiz Foroohar : But I do find myself wondering why would a major. software company put their website where only AOL members can access it as opposed to the entire web?

    Stephen Glass : I have no idea I don't have a website so I don't know much about them I would trust you guys to know more than me?

    Kambiz Foroohar : [while looking at the fake website]  We have the Jukt website up. I have to say Stephen this looks very suspicious to me.

  • Adam Penenberg : [refering to the discovery that Stephen fabricated his stories]  This guy is toast.

  • Adam Penenberg : [to Kambiz]  That New Republic piece, it's a fucking sieve, I started with a check on Jukt Micronics which is supposed to be a "major software company" in California. I went to every search engine on the web no matches found, so I called 411, every area code in the state. There's no listing anywhere for a company called "Jukt Micronics." I tried the California Franchise Tax Board, there's no record of taxes ever having paid by a company called "Jukt Micronics." I tried the state Comptroller's Office there no licenses have been be applied for by a company using that name, then I called all the hackers I know asking if they've heard of "National Assembly of Hackers" or a hacker named "Big Bad Bionic Boy": nothing. I even tried Ian Restil himself there's no listing for the kid in Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland there's no record of him ever attended a public school before. This guy Joe Hiert described in the Glass piece as a former basketball agent yet no one by that name has ever been registered by the NBA and none of my hackers know him. I even checked the names of every government employee quoted in the piece against a book listing of every government employee in the entire United States, none of the Glass sources were listed

  • Chuck Lane : [During a conference call, over the speakerphone, responding to Kambiz Foroohar's and Adam Penenberg's suspicions after seeing Stephen's fake website]  how so?

    Kambiz Foroohar : quite frankly it doesn't look like a real website: it looks like a website created to fool someone

    Chuck Lane : I don't know much about computers, could somebody do that?

    Kambiz Foroohar : of course

    Adam Penenberg : very easily

    Kambiz Foroohar : so easily in fact it's incredible

    Stephen Glass : [after looking through his notes]  do you guys want that number for Jim Ghort? Because I just found it in my notes

    Adam Penenberg : yeah sure

    Stephen Glass : alright 605 64...

    Adam Penenberg : [politely interrupts him]  oh wait

    Stephen Glass : I'm sorry?

    Adam Penenberg : [referring to the zip code]  six zero five, that's not Nevada

    Stephen Glass : [realizing his been caught lying]  oh

    Stephen Glass : [after exhaling and pretending to be looking through his notes, trying to cover up his lie]  I guess I got it mixed up with another source, sorry about that one, oh you know what it was? Jim Ghort was the guy that told me about the law enforcement officials. I don't know what I was thinking, I'm going to have get back to you on...

    Chuck Lane : [interrupts him]  Stephen, give them the number

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