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Season 1

3 Mar. 2004
Thy Kingdom Come
Talented artist Peter Rickman is run over by a junkie and taken to a mysterious Maine hospital with quirky staff and a lot of supernatural phenomena.
10 Mar. 2004
Death's Kingdom
Eccentric elderly psychic Sally Druse becomes convinced that Kingdom Hospital is haunted; meanwhile Peter gets a new roommate - the very same junkie who ran him over with his van.
17 Mar. 2004
Goodbye Kiss
Dr. Hook starts to believe Sally. A vicious killer is brought in for treatment and music arrives with him. The Pompous Dr. Stegman faces the angry mother of his former patient, Mona, a little girl severely impaired by a botched surgery.
24 Mar. 2004
The West Side of Midnight
A malevolent ghost resembling a hideous teenage boy begins to plot Peter's death using the killer. Sally comforts her dying husband and tries to learn the little ghost girl's name. Dr. Elmer loses his mother.
31 Mar. 2004
Hook's Kingdom
Stegman attempts dangerous brain surgery on a street bum with a brain tumor. Meanwhile Dr. Hook shows Dr. Christine Draper a dark hobby of his which he keeps in the basement.
8 Apr. 2004
The Young and the Headless
Dr. Stegman is hurt during his initiation into the Keepers of the Kingdom. Mary takes Peter into the netherworld of Swedenborgian Space to save the life of the giant anteater, Anubis, who originally saved him. The killer makes his move.
15 Apr. 2004
Black Noise
A sleazy lawyer, who is being accused of statutory rape, suffers a heart attack and arrives in Kingdom Hospital. Sally contacts Peter and his wife. Dr. Elmer gets reprimanded for his severed head prank gone wrong.
22 Apr. 2004
Antubis decides to help the lawyer get a new donor heart with a little help from Otto's seeing eye dog, Blondi. Hook learns about the 1869 and the 1939 fires. Dr. Elmer and his crush Dr. Lona have an out of body experience.
29 Apr. 2004
An ex baseball player tormented for 15 years by his angry fans for costing the New England Robins the World Series in 1987 attempts suicide and becomes trapped in his own private hell in Swedenborgian Space. Mary and Peter try to help.
24 Jun. 2004
The Passion of Reverend Jimmy
After a priest crucified like Jesus by some junkies apparently starts performing miracles after death, media frenzy begins as crowds gather to await for his resurrection. An earthshake traps Otto, Lona and Dr. Havens under some rubble.
1 Jul. 2004
Seizure Day
Patients at Kingdom Hospital begin having inexplicable divine seizures. Malevolent spirit of Dr. Gottreich kills the hospital librarian. Hook obtains proof of Stegman's malpractice. Dr. Shwartzton warns Hook of an upcoming earthquake.
8 Jul. 2004
Shoulda' Stood in Bed
Natalie Rickman and Mrs. Druse plan to gather their friends together to break into the spirit world. Meanwhile Stegman is humiliated when incriminating and embarrassing posters of his malpractice begin circulating.
15 Jul. 2004
Chief of maintenance, Johnny B. Goode, finally appears. Peter, Sally, Hook and all their friends go back in time to learn the truth behind the deadly mill fire and prevent it. Evil ghost, Paul, convinces unhinged Stegman to shoot them all.

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