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Season 1

14 Apr. 2000
We Are Not Garbage
Women are being attacked in Ikebukuro, but who is the culprit? Yamai challenges G-Boys leader Takashi to a fight. Makoto wins a BMW in a bowling match. When Makoto is late, Rika makes a fateful decision.
21 Apr. 2000
I Will Take The Enemy!
Makoto and Hikaru visit a "couple kissa" cafe to observe a suspect in the strangling cases. Meanwhile, Ritsuko goes to extraordinary lengths in order to meet a handsome dentist.
28 Apr. 2000
Ballad Dedicated To A Princess
Makoto is enlisted to search for a missing girl. She's the daughter of the local yakuza boss. He teams up with two former schoolmates to try and find her.
5 May 2000
Lover From A Distant Country
Chiaki has a problem. Her boyfriend, Ali, is being hunted by local drug dealers. She asks Makoto to help.
12 May 2000
The Most Masculine Girl In The World
Makoto thinks that Yamai is troubling Hikaru, so he asks Takashi and the G-Boys to watch her apartment. Online dating site girl, Asami, is being stalked by the sinister "Su-san". Can her transgender boyfriend Shou protect her?
19 May 2000
My Only Friend
The G-Boys welcome their 300th member and the police are starting to pay close attention to the gang. Hikaru and Makoto meet a boy called Hiroki, whose interest is numbers, but Hiroki soon goes missing. Makoto and Takashi must rescue him and return him to his family.
26 May 2000
Don't Put Your Hand On My Baba!
Ritsuko has been doing well in the Dream Connection pyramid scheme, but she's been acting very strangely. Indeed, other Dream Connection members are behaving oddly too. Perhaps there's something in the tea.
2 Jun. 2000
I Fell In Love With A Girl From Odaiba
Kana reveals her dark side. Yamai pays a visit to Hikaru. Masa is pursued by a gang of Yamanba girls who demand a large amount of cash to pay for an abortion, claiming that he has impregnated one of their friends. Meanwhile, the Black Angels are muscling in on the G-Boys' turf.
9 Jun. 2000
Farewell, Dear Friends
Shun is acting strangely and Masa sees Hikaru meeting Yamai. The Black Angels boost their membership and are now serious rivals to the G-Boys. The police seem to be taking sides in the dispute between the gangs.
16 Jun. 2000
My City Has Become A Battlefield
Skirmishes are breaking out between the gangs and there are fatalities. Kana reveals the identity of her attacker. Makoto discovers Hikaru's mental disorder and police chief Yokoyama organizes a major battle.
23 Jun. 2000
The Longest Day In 'Bukuro, June the 23rd
Rika's killer is finally revealed, so too the reason for Kana's stabbing. The G-Boys and Black Angels meet for a final battle and Makoto is the adjudicator. Takashi finally runs out of patience with Makoto.

 Season 1 

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