Off the Map (2003) Poster


Sam Elliott: Charley


  • Charley : Excuse the cryin'. I am a damn cryin' machine. That's why I drink so much water, won't have any fluids left in me. Have you ever been depressed?

    William Gibbs : I've never not been depressed.

  • Charley : I'm going crazy, George, crazy. It's these damn drugs. I feel like strangling something. I feel like going out in the yard and strangling that damn goat! I'm dangerous.

    George : Sit down.

    Charley : Sit down? Look at me! Can I sit down? I just walked twenty miles! I mean look at my legs, they're still moving, Look at 'em!

    George : Have a beer.

    Charley : Beer? I can't have a beer. I'm not supposed to drink alcohol with these damn drugs. I'm gonna have to murder someone! Ok, I'll have a beer.

  • Charley : Nice shirt.

    William Gibbs : Thanks, it's yours.

  • William Gibbs : I don't know who I am.

    Charley : I don't either.

    William Gibbs : Know who I am?

    Charley : You?

    William Gibbs : You don't know who I am, or who you are?

    Charley : No.

  • Arlene : I don't think we should be feeding those drugs to the chickens. It's unkind.

    Charley : You fed them to *me*.

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