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Together is a likely candidate to become that one foreign-language film that jumps out of the art houses each year to become a mainstream phenomenon.
To contextualize the story's lack of subtlety, it helps to see these casting choices as ongoing penance for the time when, as a boy, Chen denounced his own father to the Red Guard.
Chicago Reader
Chen tries to generate some suspense, but there's never any doubt which side has to win.
Wall Street Journal
Pays off in surprising ways, when love of music, and fame, plays second fiddle to love of family.
Boston Globe
The film doesn't amount to an emotionally palpable experience. Most of the stops it attempts to pull out are rusty. The movie ends with a gigantic lump in its throat, one that would take a tall glass of Barbara Stanwyck to wash down.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
If you're in the mood for tears and triumph, with a dash of exoticism, Together may well be the film for you.
Miami Herald
A high tolerance for syrupy melodrama is required in order to enjoy Together.
The result is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser that will strike Chen's admirers as a heartfelt but decidedly minor effort.
L.A. Weekly
Its schmaltzy manipulations are pure 1940s Hollywood. Still, if you can get past the corn, the story exerts a not-unsatisfying emotional pull thanks to Yun's soulful gravity and a tenderness that Chen hasn't shown quite so openly since his 1984 debut, "Yellow Earth."
The performances are all terrific, but Together never jells as a compelling narrative.

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