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Eddie Griffin saves this movie
MLDinTN29 December 2004
This movie isn't laugh out loud funny, but it is short and entertaining. I've liked Griffin in about all his films, and I think he's the one that makes this movie OK. It's about 3 single guys whose girlfriends become pregnant at the same time, and even have the babies on the same day. So, of course, it's like a fish out of water when they must care the infants by themselves for the first time. But all come to love the kid and want to baby sit all the time. G's girlfriend is Asian and her family provides some laughs, especially when she gives birth at the store. Clean up in ilse 3. Lonnie's girl is selfish and doesn't really care about him. And Dominic is just a player.

One of the best scenes is when Lonnie meets Brandie at the bar and acts all pimped out. And the hair style really tops it off.

FINAL VERDICT: IF you like Griffin or Anthony Anderson, then you may want to check this one out. I wouldn't say go out and rent it, but if you happen to come across it on cable, then it isn't a bad way to waste 90 minutes.
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My Baby's Daddy is not worth the time or money to watch
christian12315 November 2004
Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson and Michael Imperioli play three guys, who find themselves facing the responsibilities of fatherhood when their girlfriends all get pregnant at the same time. So can three "players" from "the hood" deal with the rigors of changing diapers and burping?

My Baby's Daddy is a laugh free comedy that's actually worse than its trailer would indicate. The plot is just like 3 Men and a Baby but a lot worse and that movie wasn't even that good to begin with. My Baby's Daddy was the first movie I saw in 2004 and I was hoping it wasn't an omen for things to come. The film couldn't decide what it wanted to be. It could have worked out as a kid's comedy if they had taken out the sex scenes and if it was a kid's movie then the fart jokes would have been understandable. But, there were some jokes that wouldn't be appropriate for them and I think they should had taken the family route.

The movie is filled with fart jokes, poop humor and other lame jokes, these gags are getting old and most adults aren't going to find those jokes funny. The acting was decent with the funniest person probably being Eddie Griffin but he is way above this material. Michael Imperioli was pretty bad himself and he should just stick to The Sopranos. The worst actor in the film is Anthony Anderson who always overacts and its hard to take him seriously. He just tries too hard to be funny and he should really stop acting. Method Man's scenes were funny but he alone can't save this movie. If they had just tried a little harder while writing then they could have actually inserted some funny jokes. The screenplay doesn't contain one original or remotely funny moment. In the end, you would have to be a really, really big fan of anyone involved to see this film. It's better if you just skip it. Rating 2/10
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A funny movie with a very good message
bazmaniac17 January 2004
After watching the trailer for My Baby's Daddy, I thought it would be an interesting movie to watch. After seeing the reviews I looked the other way and my expectations for this movie dropped. All I have to say is do not let the reviews turn you away from this movie. This movie has an amazing way of delivering comedy and morals at the same time. Sure it is unlikely that three best friends will all get their girlfriends pregnant at the same time, but it was still well put together.

One of the drawbacks to this movie was its predictability. But what movie these days isnt? It delivered laughs like the previews promised, and it delivered hope. It shows us confidence, how to stand up for yourself. It shows us to take a step up in life and take charge. It shows us that change is good. Even though you dont want to go through it, sometimes you have to. And most importantly it shows us to do the right thing...for yourself, and the people you love. Overall this movie is well worth watching. Granted I would not go out and see it again, but I sure am glad I got to watch it, and if I had the choice to go back and do it again, I would. ***
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Pretty funny
swipht110 January 2004
This movie was pretty funny. It was good for a cheap laugh. Anthony Anderson was definitely the funniest part of this movie.

There was a good blend of family values and comedic fart jokes.

Overall, this was a pretty good movie.

*** out of *****
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I enjoyed this, despite not being in the target audience
lourd-master10 January 2004
This movie was actually more than mildly amusing for me. Most of the comedy was good, and sometimes I even laughed out loud. The only part that repulsed me was making the babies talk (as seen in the preview), but at least there was some kind of reason for it and it didn't last too long.

Yes, most of the plot was predictable, but it was still a good story. It moves quickly between the three men, but the three of them go through similar ordeals so it's not confusing. My favorite parts were those with G and his lover's Chinese family, and the role Eddie Griffin played as Lonnie. Even if you don't think "My Baby's Daddy" is your type of movie, you might actually like it.
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An unpleasant, and unfunny mess, that is littered with clichés, and jokes aimed at African-American and Asian culture. One of the year's worst films. (1/2 * out of * * * *)
AngryMovieNerd14 October 2005
My Baby's Daddy (2004) plays like a series of all the clichés we usually in Hollywood parenting movies. What's sad is that it took the minds of four writers (this includes star Eddie Griffin) to make one bad movie. This is an unpleasant, and horrible comedy that doesn't deserve to be considered funny.

The film opens with a disappointing cartoon recap of three friends, Lonnie (Eddie Griffin), G (Anthony Anderson), and Dom (Michael Imperioli), who have grown up together, and all have girlfriends. These guys hang out with each other so much that they could've been brothers. G plans on becoming a famous boxer like Stallone's Rocky Balboa; Lonnie plans on a becoming a famous inventor, and Dom aspires to be a player.

It becomes unfortunate when their three girlfriends become pregnant at the same time. That's because the script requires them do so, which is one of the film's biggest flaws. The three characters all have the same problems at the same time.

Months later, the babies are born in different places, one of them in in a grocery store.

"Baby's stuck. Get some Crisco," one old man yells.

But the fathers face problems with their girlfriends. The women see them as unfit fathers. Griffin's girlfriend (Paula Jai Parker) dumps him, and Griffin falls for another mother (Marsha Thompson). Anderson's long-time pal (Method Man) is released from prison and gets him involved in a robbery, which ruins his relationship with his girlfriend, and Imperioli's girlfriend (Joana Bacalso) turns out to be a lesbian. Then we get another cliché where the men's jobs begin to affect their family life.

My Babby's Daddy has an interesting plot about soon-to-be fathers, but director Cheryl Dunye throws in a lot of flatulence jokes, clichés and racial stereotypes, and tries to make us wonder what will happen next in order to move the story at a full movie length. And the jokes aren't funny...they're unpleasant. Think: would a baby actually talk to you if they drank too much alcohol? Would you actually drink while giving birth to a kid? Surely, you must be rolling down the aisles by now.

I will say that only two characters are able to steal their scenes: John Amos is an old man who is tired of seeing the three friends hanging around in his house and he gives them a funny life lesson in the near-end, and Tom "Tiny" Lister, Jr. is a record manager, who knows how to throw a party: forcing his guests to eat his milk and cookies.

Anderson, Griffin, and Imperioli are very promising actors, but not here. They are NOT funny, or even the least convincing. Even the women who play their girlfriends are miscast and boring. But the queen of ham here is Paula Jai Parker as Griffin's girlfriend, a character who can be described as a bitch and a wannabe street slut.

It seems that My Baby's Daddy was intended for an African-American audience, since some of the jokes are aimed at African-American, and Asian culture. It doesn't work. The whole movie doesn't work. It just goes to show you how moronic the three heroes are. I still think they wouldn't make good dads.
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sitcom garbage
Buddy-5128 June 2004
There's a long-standing rule of thumb in the motion picture business that the more writers who have a hand in making a movie the worse that movie will turn out to be. In the case of `My Baby's Daddy,' it took four scenarists (who shall remain nameless) to come up with this excruciatingly bad multi-ethnic rip off of `Three Men and a Baby.' The plotting comes direct from the TV sitcom factory: three bachelors, who have never grown up into responsible adulthood, simultaneously find themselves the fathers of three adorable infants. Naturally, after much initial bumbling and stumbling in the ways of parenthood, the three men learn what the true definition of manhood is.

Though the movie has some fun lampooning racial and ethnic stereotypes, the humor is generally so bland, broad and formulaic that any promise the movie offers that it might somehow qualify as satire quickly evaporates. Instead, the movie goes all soft and gooey, trying to get the audience to coo over the cute toddlers and sigh at the sight of three grown men who are themselves cooing over their toddlers.

Considering the material that's been handed them, one hesitates to be too harsh on the actors who find themselves trapped in this mess. However, because of guilt by association, the only people who escape entirely unscathed are the toddlers themselves, since they are clearly the only ones here still under the age of consent.
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Not worth your time
CAPERGURL21 January 2004
This movie is not worth your time, when it comes out on dvd you may want to consider watching it if you think you might like it but definitely don't pay 10 bucks to go see it. Sure ill agree that it had some funny parts but the movie on a whole was cheesy. I think it is deserving of its 3.6 vote.I definitely wouldn't give it any more then 4. I watched it because i thought i would like it even though the rating was so low and because of the people in the forum who said it was so funny, but i wish i hadn't watched it now. A complete waste of time.
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A total flop
scottchrist13 August 2005
Part of the reason this movie got such awful reviews could be because going in, it would be reasonable to expect a movie with this subject matter to be slightly more grown up in terms of the comedy, when in reality, it's basically early Sandler quality material, and no one really comes along to save it as it just keeps on the same steady pace of dullness the entire way.

Co-writer and star Eddie Griffin is awful as usual, but Anthony Anderson and Michael Imperioli both given decent, if rather uninspired, performances in their leading roles. Imperioli is a fine actor and Anderson is generally good for at least a laugh or two, but the material fails their talents. John Amos ("Good Times") is good, but most of the supporting cast is useless or, at best, unmemorable. Paula Jai Parker and the Sklar brothers turn in notably unfunny performances.

The character development is atrocious. Most notably, Dominic (Imperioli) is supposedly a player, but apparently we're just supposed to take their word for it. G (Anderson) is lazy, which we're supposed to get out of him being late for work once. Lonnie (Griffin) is the only one whose character appears on screen to be what we're being told it is, but his storyline is so predictable and lazy that it doesn't really matter.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a way to waste an hour and a half without thinking or even needing to really pay attention at all, you can do worse than this movie, but it's the epitome of a movie that TBS is going to inevitably show 30 times a year. It tells very little story, all of it you can see coming a mile away, and you might chuckle a couple of times. It might not be as bad as I had thought it was going to be, but it's still bad.
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My Baby's Daddy Needs to Grow Up
highlanderj45613 January 2004
My Baby's Daddy is a semi-comic tale of three friends who all get their girlfriends pregnant at the same time and are suddenly thrown into the job of father. This film stars comedian Eddie Griffin (Coneheads, John Q, Undercover Brother), Anthony Anderson (Big Mommas House, Me, Myself & Irene, Barbershop) and Michael Imperioli (Goodfellas, Bad Boys, Summer of Sam). This obvious rendition of Three Men and a Baby has the potential to be a funny and touching film, but falls short in several categories. The film opens with a really fun and fresh animation sequence, telling the story of the boys growing up together, getting in trouble and establishing their characters. Griffin plays Lonnie, the nerd of the group, who is hopelessly in love with a slut who uses him for his money. Anderson plays G, a lighthearted guy who has dreams to be the next Rocky. Imperioli is Dominic, a self proclaimed player who is trying to produce Hip Hop records. Anderson is by far the most interesting of the three friends, but still comes short. The biggest problem with the film is that the comedy and the spirit of the story are not consistent. There are some genuinely funny and touching moments that lead the audience to think there might be some substance to the film- as soon as you think that, the moment is ruined by a fart joke or some over the top, quasi-comedic attempt. Some times it feels like a touching light comedy only to have the humor whip into a crude, farcical hodge-podge. Griffin does his typical thing, swapping his look around as he transforms from a goggle-glasses wearing nerd, to an afro sporting, FUBU clad player. Anderson has some interesting banter between himself and his Chinese girlfriend's father. Whereas this might be an interesting dynamic to have, the writers messed it up with cheap shots to Asian names by coming up with sarcastic, 80's-esque names for her family; Fung Yu, Bling Bling, and others just as dismal. Imperioli is a throw-away character who really accomplishes nothing in the film. He's used to get to jokes about poser white rappers and an excuse to get two girls to kiss. Overall there are a few chuckles mixed in there, but what could have been a fun and touching film about three guys growing into fatherhood, turned into a mix of crude jokes and gags loosely linked by a story about babies. Time to grow up, boys. This is a very generous 4/10 star feature.
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Roundly poor comedy that has very little to recommend it for
bob the moo6 May 2007
Friends Lonnie, G and Dominic grew up together and, as young men, moved in together temporarily. Years later they are still in the same place living a party lifestyle and working days just to fund it. One night they hook up with their partners or lovers and all three find themselves fathers to be when they all turn out to be equally clueless in the world of birth control. More than a year later they are all facing the same challenges together as they enter fatherhood.

With the titles and cartoon sequence opening the film, I had low hopes for this film and I can confirm that the film just about met all of them. The plot is of course contrived and is little more than a series of unlikely relationship developments designed to generate laughs and easy comedy. Which is where it all falls flat because there is hardly a laugh to be had in the whole 90 minutes. The humour is not as base as it could have been but it never misses an opportunity to deliver jokes based on racial stereotypes, bodily functions and so on. None of it is very clever but I can see why some undemanding viewers would find it to be sufficient. The character stories behind it are mostly poorly conceived, poorly developed and poorly delivered.

The cast match this standard and deliver nothing more than the basics. Anderson mugs along like he often does and the effect is laziness incarnate. Griffin is equally poor and doesn't add much to anything although he isn't helped by his plot being so poor. Imperioli at least has the good taste to look a bit out of place and uncomfortable. The women in the cast are mainly eye candy but in fairness they are mostly very good eye candy. Parker is a growling cliché of a character that could only be more racially insensitive if played by Barbara Streisand in blackface. However Bacalso, Thomason and Ling are all stunning and sexy, regardless of what the material asks of them.

A roundly poor comedy that has very little to recommend it for. Its aims seem low and in that regard it hits its targets, which will maybe suffice for some viewers, but not for me.
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Hilarious update of 3 men and a baby
filmdave13 January 2004
The trailer doesn't do the film justice. There are a lot of touching moments in addition to some hilarious scenes with the grown men and their new babies. Some scenes are a bit like a sitcom, but the film is worth seeing. Anthony Anderson steals the show.
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Three's a crowd.
userscreenname25 July 2004
One of the biggest flaws of the movie was that they tried to pack three intertwined stories into one movie. Definitely should have just made it one person's story.

The movie's plot wasn't too bad, I mean it was decent. Well not really. But still it could have been turned into something better. The production along side with the writing in this movie was terrible. I felt bad for the cast, Eddie Griffin is a very funny comedian, too bad he wasn't able to shine in this movie. As for the cast, the person who made this movie, believe it or not was Method Man aka "No Good" he managed to produce the only comic relief in this not so funny comedy.

Not really worth a watch, but if you are going to watch it, fast forward to Method Man's parts, it's the only worthwhile part of the movie.

Oh yeah, plot development, climax, resolution, all terrible. Should have put a lot more effort into distinguishing them.
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Anderson's movie
iwatcheverything17 January 2004
This film was made to finally show off Anthony Anderson. I think that he is a great actor and a good comedian. The film itself was missing something. I would say about 15 minutes worth. About the middle of the film it seems to jump way ahead of itself. Usually not a bad thing but I seem to have lost something in the jump. I did like this movie and thought it was very funny. I hope they have a directors cut with the actual minutes put back in.
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Occasionally, yet very disappointing comedy!
jellyneckr5 June 2004
MY BABY'S DADDY had a lot going for it. It had a similar premise to the excellent THREE MEN AND A BABY, it had a great cast, and a script co-written by the guys that wrote NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VAN WILDER. However, despite all of that, the movie turned out to be a disappointment. Maybe my expectations were too high, but the movie just seemed like it could have been so much better than it is. It's really not that bad of a movie, it's just a disappointing one. It's no classic, but it's not the worst movie of all time. There's some funny stuff here and there.Anthony Anderson does a great job as always and there is a funny one scene cameo by Scott Thompson. Recommended as rental at most.
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A Masterpiece
thughes-222 January 2004
I think this movie is sublime. Absolutely dynamite! A total knock-out. Thank you! The direction of this picture is fantastic. I've seen it five times and I can't wait to see it again. Oscar! Don't forget this film at awards time!
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