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Entertainment Weekly
Every moment spent in the company of Keaton... is such a joy that the whole is more delightful than the sum of the formulaic ingredients. Keaton makes Nicholson bounce the way Shirley MacLaine once did in ''Terms of Endearment.''
In an era of dumb farce, Something's Gotta Give is something special.
Movies like this are meant to amuse and entertain, though, not instruct. Meyers's latest is worth seeing for its offbeat story, its tantalizing settings, and most of all, its spot-on acting, especially by Keaton and Nicholson.
The film also does something quite remarkable for an American film: It makes middle-age love look sexy and hugely satisfying.
Jokes about impotence, menopause and other middle-aged maladies reside where a screenplay ought to live.
The movie, which ricochets between farce and poignancy, casts just enough romantic pixie dust to leave you smiling. It's certainly not the last word on the subject, but it's an amiable start.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Even in a piffle like Something’s Gotta Give, Keaton reminds us of her uncanny ability to inhabit her characters' knockabout emotions.
Dallas Observer
As a date-night movie for women of 50 or thereabouts, chances are it'll do the trick.
L.A. Weekly
Jack, the actor, smiles obligingly, but you can practically feel him rolling his eyes.
Village Voice
Something does have to give, and that's the nine-figure public patronage of this kind of anemic, wit-free entertainment. Meyers's shakin' moneymaker isn't the worst film of 2003 -- no cat suits, for one thing -- but something scarier: a standard-issue bog of glossy idiocy and audience disrespect.

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