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slayersmartina9 March 2004
"Gotham Girls" is a web-series on the WB's official site. It follows the femme fatals and the heroines from "Batman" around Gotham City. The character designs are hip and sexy, taking after the style of the animated series. Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl are the focus of the series. We get a variety of episodes from a pointless, but fun, day to an absorbing mystery given in segments. This show is an excellent example of a well done web-toon. It has good animation and the original voices from the series.

I recommend this show to any fans of "Batman" or anyone just looking for something entertaining to watch.
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Gotham Girls and Online Animation
paronge2 December 2005
I enjoyed Gotham Girls very much and would love to see new episodes of this online series.It was amazing to see characters I have been familiar with all my life on the Internet. Would love to see more online animation with both DC and Marvel characters. With broadband technology we can see more of this in the near future hopefully. Already we can see music videos, news and some people already are getting movies on their computers I hear. I don't know if it should go that far, since that is what the big flat screen TV's are for. Batgirl has always been one of my favorite characters next to Batman himself. One of the best things of animation has always been strong vocal characterizations starting with the old radio actors down to todays generation of vocal actors.
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mistere-35 October 2003
Just watched all webisodes of this series. Pretty good idea. Too bad that it isn't on the TUBE. But glad to see it somewhere, good uses of original voices. THANKS to all those involved. Let's see more of the Gotham Girls.
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surprising quality
ahr21319 October 2005
Like Batman cartoons? Depressed that all we have left in terms of new episodes is the decidedly sub-par "The Batman" series? Check out these shorts for a reminder of when WB's Batman cartoons were exciting, sharp, and funny.

The plot concerns the eyebrow-raising prospect of all of Gotham's men suddenly disappearing, slashing Gotham's police department by %80 and leaving the costumed villain count at three (Baby Doll appears to be M.I.A). The flash animation is a little iffy at times, but great character design and quick pacing makes it highly watchable. Plus you get the same great voice acting as the series - Arleen Sorkin as Harley is reason enough to watch anything. Not to mention what may be Gotham's first trans-gendered cop! What's not to like?!
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This is what DC Super Hero girls should be like
WeAreLive15 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I saw a few shorts of this online animation and I have to say I am very impressed.

If you want to have a DC show which is aimed at girls then I would suggest that parents should convince their daughters to look into this show instead of DC Superhero Girls which I am not very happy with at the moment (Read my review on it)

The best part is that these shorts aren't even brutal or messed up in any way what so ever. Like Lobo web search was. Okay, one episode is pretty messed up where Poison Ivy plants a seed in the mayors head if he lies then a plant will grow.

I have not seen every single short I have only seen the ones with Batgirl and Zatanna. Also, the ones that Dee Baker has voiced in.
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