The Surreal Life (TV Series 2003– ) Poster

(2003– )

Charo: Herself


  • Charo : [trying to get out of Flava Flav's arms in bed]  Uh-uh, no spooning. Because spooning leads to forking.

  • Charo : [the cast has just learned they will be assisting parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz in determining if an abandoned mental hospital is haunted]  People alive don't understand me. How in the world a ghost is going to understand me?

    Dr. Larry Montz : Because they communicate more telepathically than verbally, so they're not going to be worried about your accent.

    Charo : Oh.

    [Laughs nervously] 

  • Charo : The first impression I get when I walk into this house is Liberace with diarrhea, 1940.

  • Charo : [on meeting Flavor Flav]  The first few minutes, I didn't put it together that it was Flavor Flake.

  • Charo : [about Ryan Starr]  She didn't want to sleep with Brigitte Nielsen because she's a crazy bitch.

  • Charo : [about Flavor Flav]  I am psychic, and whatever he's telling me, I know he's full of sh*t.

  • Charo : I'm walking around and I see Brigitte Neilsen with her big tits hanging around.


    Charo : Oh my God. I hope she doesn't think this is a surreal porno.

  • Charo : Charo:

    [about her first conversation with Flavor Flav] 

    Charo : I'm psychic. So, I know whatever he's telling, he's full of shit.

  • Charo : [while standing in an elevator shaft where a patient was allegedly crushed to death]  I hear the guy, okay? I'm sorry for him, but I want... I... I want to be alive.

  • Charo : [On being separated from Jordan to go investigate the electroshock therapy room]  If you leave me here alone that's the end of my... of me. I'm a chicken, Doctor. I have a big mouth that's all it is, but I'm a chicken.

  • Charo : [after seeing the electric chair in the electroshock therapy room]  I was terrified to see the electric chair. You know why? Think about it! How many people been electrified in this chair. It's not a toy. It's the chair that alot of people have been sit down there, close their eyes and get roasted.

  • Dave Coulier : So Flav is planning on driving today.

    Charo : Do you have a life insurance?

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