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Head in the Clouds: Rich Brian, K-Pop Group Ikon at ‘Asian Coachella’

“Representation” was the word of the weekend as more than a dozen Asian artists took the stage Saturday for the second annual Head in the Clouds festival in Los Angeles.

Dubbed by fans as the “Asian Coachella,” the single-day festival brought out more than 20,000 people, according to organizers 88rising, the Los Angeles-based music label and creative agency known for their roster of Asian acts like Rich Brian, Joji, and Higher Brothers, all of whom performed at the event.

The show, which took over Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown L.
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10 New Albums to Stream Now: Lori McKenna, The Internet and More Editors’ Picks

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Editors’ Pick: Lori McKenna, The Tree

One of modern country’s greatest songwriters, the author of Tim McGraw’s winning “Humble & Kind” echoes its themes here, musing on verities of family and community with matter-of-factly hard-earned, time-ripened wisdom. The craft is remarkable and deceptively understated, with fine-turned phrases glinting like dewdrops. Highlight: “The Lot Behind St. Mary’s,” a song about getting busy in blue jeans while in the literal (and figurative) shadow of the local church. Parlor game: Guessing which songs will get remade by mainstreamers wanting an artistic upgrade.
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Watch Scarlett Johansson, Dove Cameron Play 'Vr Pictionary' on 'Fallon'

Watch Scarlett Johansson, Dove Cameron Play 'Vr Pictionary' on 'Fallon'
Scarlett Johansson, Saturday Night Live's Michael Che and Disney Channel actress Dove Cameron joined Jimmy Fallon for a hilarious, surreal game of "Virtual Reality Pictionary" on The Tonight Show Monday.

The game pitted Fallon and Cameron against Johansson and Che, and consisted of normal Pictionary rules – except with a Vr headset, sketching in air, with their doodling projected on a screen behind them.

Both teams got off to an impressive start, with Cameron guessing Fallon's "Clown Car" drawing quickly and Che figuring out Johansson's "Pinball Machine," despite the actress
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Sonoma fest announces winners

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Kerem Sanga’s The Young Kieslowski earned Best American Independent Feature award as the 18th Sonoma International Film Festival came to a close.

Afia Nathaniel’s Dukhtar (pictured) was named Best World Feature and Galen Knowles’ Far From Home won best documentary.

Best Narrative Short went to God Has His Head In The Clouds by Gianluca Sodaro, Cindy Allen’s Fish Out of Water won Best Documentary Short and Best Animated Short was presented to Jack Anderson for Wirecutters.

The Stolman Audience Award of $1,000 for Best American Independent Feature went to The Week by John W Mann and Jon Gunn, while Jeffrey Brown’s Sold claimed the $1,000 A³ Audience Award for world cinema prize and Cowspiracy by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn took the $1,000 A³ Audience Award for best documentary.

“We are already looking forward to our 19th,” said festival executive director Kevin W McNeely. “Our 18th reached a new high of films from around the world
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Hot projects on Screenbase

Hot projects on Screenbase
New films on Screenbase this week include teen surf story Bluer Than The Sky, an adaptation of bestselling novel How To Build A Girl and Danish drama The Commune.

With plans to shoot in late-2015, John Duigan (Sirens, Head In The Clouds) has been tapped to direct teen surf story Bluer Than The Sky.

Adapted from Lisa Glass’ young-adult novel Blue, the story follows a Cornish teenager who has a whirlwind romance with a famous pro surfer from Hawaii.

London-based producer Leighton Lloyd (Outcast, Dead Simple) will be joined by Steve Cookson and Glass as co-producers, with Michael Favelle executive producing. Australia’s Odins Eye Entertainment will handle sales world-wide.

How to Build A Girl adaptation

Newly formed Monumental Pictures has signed on for the big-screen adaptation of Caitlin Moran’s bestseller How To Build A Girl.

Moran tells a somewhat-autobiographical story of Wolverhampton-born teenager Johanna Morrigan, who moves to London and reinvents herself as a fast-talking
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Waters, Duigan Score New Film Projects

John Duigan ("Sirens," "Head In The Clouds) is set to direct the teen surf feature "Bluer Than The Sky". Leighton Lloyd will produce and filming will mostly take place in Newquay, Cornwall late next year.

The story follows a Cornish teenager who has a whirlwind romance with a famous pro surfer from Hawaii. The story is based on Lisa Glass' young adult novel "Blue".

Meanwhile, Mark Waters ("Mean Girls") has signed on to direct "#Catfight" for Screen Gems and Olive Bridge Entertainment. Will Gluck, Alessandro Tanaka and Brian Gatewood will produce.

Amelie Gillette ("Growing Up Fisher") penned the story which follows Lucy, an insecure high school girl being interviewed by a recruiter from her dream college. On the same day she learns that her boyfriend's psychotic ex-girlfriend has just gotten out of a juvenile detention facility and challenges her to a fight after school.

Source: Screen
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Duigan to direct Bluer Than The Sky

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Duigan to direct Bluer Than The Sky
Exclusive: Teen surf film to shoot in late 2015.

John Duigan (Sirens, Head In The Clouds) has been tapped to direct teen surf story Bluer Than The Sky.

London-based producer Leighton Lloyd (Outcast, Dead Simple) made the announcement.

The film is adapted from Lisa Glass’ young adult novel Blue (Quercus). The story follows a Cornish teenager who has a whirlwind romance with a famous pro surfer from Hawaii.

Lloyd says: “I’m incredibly excited to be bringing this film from hardback to the silver screen. I’m sure audiences will fall in love with Iris whom has a heart of gold as we follow her heartbreaks and triumphs.”

Steve Cookson will join Lloyd and Glass as co-producers. Michael Favelle will serve as executive producer.

The film will shoot in late 2015, largely in Newquay, Cornwall.

Lloyd is also a lawyer at Gipson, Hoffman & Pancione, where he has advised on films including Hotel Rwanda and Gosford Park.
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Watch Barack Obama Sing Ariana Grande's "Problem" in Hilarious New Mash-Up Video!

Watch Barack Obama Sing Ariana Grande's
We so don't have a problem with this new mash-up video! In a hilarious and brand new compilation video from the "barackdubs" YouTube, President Barack Obama sings Ariana Grande's hit song "Problem." The funny video is a mash-up of clips of Obama speaking at different public engagements, White House press conferences and appearances. "Hey baby even though I hate ya/ I wanna love ya/ I want you-oo-oo," the Commander in Chief "sings" in the vid. "And even though I can't forgive you/ I really want to/ I want you-oo-oo." Obama goes on, "Head in the clouds/ Got no weight on my shoulders/ I should be wiser/ And realize that I've got/ One less problem...
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Isa of the Day: Stealth

Visit SydneysBuzz Reports for the complete Fall 2013 Rights Roundup Report.

Stealth Media has changed since Cannes. Sean O'Kelly has moved on, leaving Michael Cowan as CEO based in the UK and Jason Piette director of L.A. operations, based in L.A. They have also brought in Glenn Kendrick Ackermann (formerly from Capitol Films) as President of world sales.

Stealth Media Group was founded by film entrepreneurs Michael L Cowan and Jason Piette to do international sales, finance and executive production. Their sales company encompasses theatrical, television and home video/dvd.

Michael L Cowan and Jason Piette founded Spice Factory in 1998, one of Europe’s most dynamic independent production companies, which has produced over 55 films from Us$1M to Us$55M. They are involved in structured financing of films, and have raised over £100M for film production in the last 10 years. Recently they have moved into television event mini-series.

Michael L Cowan and Jason Piette were founding partners in Arclight Films with Gary Hamilton and Victor Syrmis, which put together and sold such films as the 2004 Oscar winner Crash; 2007 Golden Globe nominated film Bobby, written and directed by Emilio Estevez; The Merchant of Venice starring Academy Award winners Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons; the action drama Lord of War, a film based on the true-life story of one of America's most notorious arms dealers, starring Nicolas Cage and Ethan Hawke; Head in the Clouds starring Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz, Stuart Townsend, Thomas Kretschmann and Wolf Creek which went on to gross over $100M worldwide.

Stealth Media Group has built up a fast growing and recognizable brand at all major motion picture and television festivals and markets worldwide, including Cannes, Afm, Efm, Berlinale, The Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, Mipcom and Miptv.

Stealth Media Group focuses on international sales of film, television and film libraries. The company has offices in Los Angeles and U.K.. Michael Cowan is based in the U.K. focusing on sales and structured financing, Jason Piette is based in L.A .running Stealth's Us acquisition and production.

Stealth Media Group is able to provide:

- Minimum Guarantees against worldwide sales rights

- Access to equity and structured funds globally where we also act as co-producers or executive producers

- Cash flow tax credit rebates, distribution agreements and any other forms of collateral

- Source content from leading producers and agents worldwide with offices in La and partners in Europe and Asia

- Help package projects as executive producers both creatively and financially

- Film and television sales and licensing worldwide to independent distributors and major studios

- Creation of international and domestic marketing campaigns

- Royalty reports and overages collection by territory to maximize revenues

- P&A control by territory

- Access to film festivals e.g. Cannes, Toronto and Berlin

- Access to IMAX and digital distribution worldwide

New Film releases include: Latino Prize Winner Palm Springs Film Festival 2013: Sadourni's Butterflies, The Paddy Lincoln Gang, Outpost 11, The Knife that Killed Me, The Child, Crave, Dead Sand, The City that Rocked the World, Bliss!, Epic, Fangs of War, Wild Oats and The Coven.

Four indies from the U.S. Have expressed interest in the film after seeing the trailer.

See the trailer Here

The Coven

According to the production info below the paranormal events are 100% true, the notes also mentioned three sudden deaths of family members of the crew. See below:

Beneath the beautiful wild Woodland and Nature Reserve that is Queen’s Wood, Highgate hides the dark secret of lime filled plague pits. Thousands of victims from London’s Black Death were buried there in the sixteen hundreds. One is now concealed by an innocent Children’s Play Area. There is no signage to inform the unsuspecting parent of the horror that lies beneath.

The Coven in the middle of the woods, really exists. A strange clearing surrounded by ancient Oak trees. Robert Cochrane was a known Witch who committed suicide by ingesting Belladonna on the summer solstice in 1966. His Coven of Witches renamed themselves as ‘The Regency’ after his death, in his honour. The Regency would regularly meet in The Coven at Queen’s Wood.

There are some Wiccan Figurines placed high in the Oak trees as if they protect this foreboding space, almost hidden from view unless you purposefully look for them.

And it is said that despite the very many species of bird life that Queen’s Wood is home to, not one has been seen to fly across The Coven.

Today there are several Pagan groups who convene in The Coven.

During filming, our schedule unfortunately fell on Halloween and we were warned off by a group of Witches who didn’t want us to witness their ritual.

Arguments ensued but despite our permission to film, we eventually we gave in and wrapped for the day, concerned that they may curse our project.

Since that date we have sadly experienced three very sudden deaths relating to our crew.

Our first Editor lost her Mother.

The Director lost his brother.

Our Sound Designer lost his brother.

All three deaths were completely unexpected and out of the blue!
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Hollywood Cinematographer, Polly Morgan, Shoots for Ghanchakkar

“Bollywood is big,” says Polly Morgan, the Hollywood cinematographer who is in India to direct music videos for Utv Motion Pictures’ Ghanchakkar. Morgan, a Hollywood cinematographer critically acclaimed for her films Inception, Hairspray, V for Vendetta and Head In The Clouds among others, shot two music videos for the Emraan Hashmi-Vidya Balan starrer.

Asked why she took on the project, she said, “When I heard the concept of the shoot, I really liked it. I have heard that Bollywood is really big, and it seemed like a nice opportunity to experience what working in the industry feels like. I had seen the work of Emraan and Vidya before I came and it was really exciting to work with the superstars of Bollywood.“

From what she knows, Polly is all praise for the Indian him industry. She commented, “Bollywood has made its presence felt in the west. The industry
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The Tall Man | Review

Head In the Clouds: Laugier’s English Speaking Horror Feature Poorly Manufactured

After his infamously violent 2008 horror flick Martyrs landed him on the top of the New Wave French Horror directors, Pascal Laugier finally returns with an English language follow-up, which he also wrote, The Tall Man. At first seemingly dependent on urban legend boogeyman mythos, Laugier manages to posture child abduction horror through a labyrinth of twists that concludes with a daringly misanthropic moral. It’s too bad that his intriguing idea is locked in a movie so half-baked and dismally executed.

The small town of Cold Rock, Washington is in trouble. Not only has the current economic situation caused the shutdown of the lucrative mining company, but now, all the children are strangely disappearing, abducted by a dark, night time menace coined ‘the tall man’ by the town’s fearful denizens. Recently widowed Julia Denning (Jessica Biel) is the town nurse,
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Beefing Up: Ten Actors Who Underwent Remarkable Physical Transformations For Their Roles

When an actor completely immerses themselves into a role, the result is usually stunning. Sometimes though, what’s more impressive is the work that went in before filming even began. Changing appearance for roles has become quite common in movies today, but occasionally, an actor’s physical transformation goes far beyond a bit of make-up or a haircut, like Christian Bale in, well, most of his films.

In The Dark Knight Rises, out in theatres this week, actor Tom Hardy bulked up significantly to play the menacing terrorist Bane, a new villain intent on taking down Gotham City. The actor has had to bulk up for roles before (Warrior, Bronson) and in honour of his dedication, we look back at ten actors who have undergone remarkable physical transformations for their roles.

To start, let’s look at the aforementioned Mr. Hardy.

Tom Hardy For The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy has never been slim,
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Discuss: Is Charlize Theron Back On The A-List? And Why Did She Ever Fall Off?

There's one person who's pretty much inescapable in movie theaters at the moment, and that's Charlize Theron. Last weekend, she was the evil queen Ravenna in "Snow White and the Huntsman," and this weekend, she's the biggest name (although not the biggest part) among the ensemble cast of "Prometheus" -- a film that she was originally pegged to play the lead in. And in a few weeks, she'll start filming on the long-gestating "Fury Road," George Miller's return to the "Mad Max" world. Between those three, she's become the queen of the blockbuster world, and with a performance in "Young Adult" that might have been her most widely acclaimed ever, Theron's as big a star as she's ever been.

But curiously, it's taken a little time for it to happen. Theron's been a familiar presence on screen for fifteen years now, since breaking through in "2 Days In The Valley" and "The Devil's Advocate,
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Andre Rouleau Gets Producer's Award at Toronto Int'l Film Fest

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Andre Rouleau Gets Producer's Award at Toronto Int'l Film Fest
Andre Rouleau, the Montreal-based producer of "An American Haunting," "Head in the Clouds" and "Battle in Seattle," was awarded the Cmpa's Producer's Award at the Toronto International Film Festival Thursday. "I have long admired the tenacity and passion of producers like Andre Roulea," said Norm Bolen, president and CEO of the Canadian Media Production Association, which gave the award, in a written statement. "These miracle-workers juggle multiple projects and constant production and financial challenges. They thrive on pushing the boundaries." Piers Handling, director and CEO of the festival, said that Rouleau "never
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Thandie Newton admits teenage affair with director John Duigan

  • Pop2it
"2012" actress Thandie Newton is speaking out in hopes of helping teens.

The 38-year-old reveals to InStyle (via The Daily Mail) that at just 16-years-old, she was involved in a relationship with director John Duigan, 23 years her senior. She was connected to Duigan for a reported six years and claims that though he took advantage of her youth and vulnerability, she values the lessons it taught her.

"I was a very shy, very sweet girl. I wasn't in control of the situation. Would I have liked things to be different? Sure," she says. "But I can now value myself more for the way I got through it. I don't see myself as a victim."

The London born actress met Duigan after making a trip to Australia to audition for his 1991 film "Flirting," which also starred Nicole Kidman. She says that she was "coerced" into the relationship and is now opening up
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Penelope Cruz: Hot Hollywood Celebrity Photo Gallery of the Day

HollywoodNews.com: Our selected celebrity to be included in our “Hot Hollywood Celebrity Photo Gallery of the Day” is Penelope Cruz.

Penelope Cruz ◄ Back Next ►Picture 1 of 14

Penelope Cruz - "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" Madrid Premiere - Arrivals - Villamagna Hotel - Madrid, Spain

◄ Back Next ►Picture 1 of 14

Penelope Cruz - "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" Madrid Premiere - Arrivals - Villamagna Hotel - Madrid, Spain

Penélope Cruz Sánchez (born April 28, 1974) is a Spanish actress. Signed by an agent at age 15, she made her acting debut at 16 on television and her feature film debut the following year in Jamón, jamón (1992), to critical acclaim. Her subsequent roles in the 1990s and 2000s included Open Your Eyes (1997), The Hi-Lo Country (1999), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000) and Woman on Top (2000). Cruz achieved recognition for her lead roles in Vanilla Sky and Blow. Both films were released in 2001 and were commercially successful worldwide.
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Stuart Townsend Back Out Of 'Thor' Over Creative Differences

Stuart Townsend is no longer behind the role of Warriors Three's leader, Fandral, in "Thor". The Associated Press reported that the 37-year-old boyfriend of Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has exited this Marvel superhero project just days before the production is kicked off on Monday, January 11.

Sources close to the production mentioned creative differences as the reason behind Townsend's decision to drop out from his role. Two particular sources, who wish to keep the anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record, additionally revealed that the "Battle in Seattle" director has since been replaced by a lesser known actor Joshua Dallas.

The "Head in the Clouds" star actually filled in the role of Thor's ally after Zachary Levi was forced to vacate the role due to a scheduling conflict. This is not the first time backed out from a big budgeted project though. He was the first
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Charlize Theron kisses a woman for charity

Actors Jeremy Piven and Charlize Theron (an outspoken advocate of gay rights who has played queer roles in Head in the Clouds, and Monster) were special guests at fundraiser last night for OneXOne, a charity that provides food, water, healthcare and education to children in Ethiopia and Rwanda. (Matt Damon is a prominent spokesperson for the charity, but he had to pull out of the fundraiser at the last minute.)

During the live auction, Theron offered a 2010 trip to South Africa, which included World Cup tickets, a safari and a meet-and-greet with Nelson Mandela.

When bidding stalled at $37,000 — much lower than the $280,00 Piven had raised in the auction — Charlize got creative. According to Us Magazine:

"For f--- sake! You can do better," she told attendees. "There is no way I am leaving here with Jeremy Piven getting a higher bid. I've got t---- for God's sake."

To sweeten the pot,
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'Twilight's' Rachelle Lefevre: Fans Carried Me Through

  • Extra
'Twilight's' Rachelle Lefevre: Fans Carried Me Through
"New Moon" vampire Rachelle Lefevre tells "Extra" that despite being replaced in the series, she hopes to impress during her final run as Victoria.

"I'm very, very excited," Rachelle says of her work as bloodthirsty Victoria. "They wrote a lot of fun stuff for me from 'Twilight' to 'New Moon.' In the book, Victoria is not that present and they really did their best. Melissa Rosenberg, our screenwriter, told me that she loved writing
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Will Charlize Theron Ever Tie the Knot?

  • Extra
Gorgeous Charlize Theron and boyfriend Stuart Townsend have been together for almost a decade -- so when will they walk down the aisle?

"Never," the Oscar-winner tells "Extra." "I live a married life. I am in my heart and soul married to this guy," Charlize declared. The 34-year-old still wants to have children.

Theron and Townsend met in 2001 while working on "Trapped." The actors later co-starred in "Head in the Clouds" and "Aeon Flux."

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