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Season 1

30 Mar. 2003
Liz decides the family needs a nanny. Unfortunately she employs a girl who Bob stood up as a prom date after realizing Liz was interested in him. Having gained access to the house the spurned lover turns all her energies to becoming the new Mrs Pitts.
6 Apr. 2003
A Bug's Wife
Faith convinces her parents she needs a car. They ultimately purchase a VW bug that Faith discovers is haunted. Aside from this she discovers she is falling in love with the spirit possessing the vehicle.
13 Apr. 2003
Bob and Liz are bitten by werewolves and begin to transform each night into monsters. The children go to huge lengths to help their parents and try to keep them out of trouble. The parents are impressed by the amount of effort their presumed lazy children go to.
20 Apr. 2003
Dummy and Dummier
Bob in an attempt to save Petey's birthday party pulls out an old possessed ventriloquist dummy and becomes the hit of the party. In return Bob has to agree to let the dummy live with the family. The dummy now free goes on a rampage to destroy Bob's family and his life.
20 Apr. 2003
Miss American Pipe
An explosion in the basement causes a piece of pipe to lodge in Faith's head, which causes her more than headaches: it might lose her the chance to dance in a music video.
30 Mar. 2003
Ticket to Riot
Bob mistakenly gets on a bus headed for prison and the rest of the family must come to his rescue.
23 Mar. 2003
Bob's New Heart
The family is invited to a square dance by a group who turns out to be worshipers of Satan.

 Season 1 

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