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  • Jordan Donavan, a photographer in New York, is so disappointed when after five years of going steady Edward Morgan offers her not marriage but just to move in with him, that she accepts the match-making arranged via a magazine by her female friend with Tyler Ross, a horse rancher in the West, whose candidacy was actually also posted by his sister. After a bad start they soon grow closer, riding and talking, finding much in common, while she actually grew up in the country. However their past lives, which in his case is marked by a tragic accident, doesn't make it easy for them, and when Edward comes ask her hand, she travels back East...

  • Jordan Donovan is having little success as a New York based fine arts photographer, she not understanding that in trying to stand out from the crowd, she is not being true to her passion and own artistic vision. Her relationship of five years to lawyer Edward Morgan is not much better, it stagnant in Edward not wanting to commit. When the proposal of marriage does not come from Edward as she expects on her birthday, Jordan, to make Edward jealous, decides to follow through with what her best friend Carla Dimaggio initiated. On Jordan's behalf without telling her, Carla answered a lonely-hearts ad in Country Connections - a dating magazine for the rural set - of Wyoming rancher Tyler Ross, who in turn sent a plane ticket for Jordan to come for a visit. What Jordan and Carla don't know is that widowed Tyler is solely fulfilling a promise to his sister Laurie Woods that in meeting someone - anyone - through the ad, Laurie will no longer hound him to get back into the dating scene. As such, Tyler, beyond believing Jordan a pretentious urbanite, makes no effort to welcome Jordan, which, in turn, makes Jordan want to get back to New York as soon as possible. While in Wyoming, Jordan cannot help but fall in love with rugged scenery and the cause of open range management, especially the ongoing battle Tyler is having with Hank Jamison, that battle which has an underlying personal bent. In Jordan getting caught up in all that Wyoming has to offer, Jordan and Tyler start to fall for each other, which they may not themselves see in their initial reasons for this situation, Jordan to get into wedded bliss with Edward, and Tyler to remain true to his deceased wife, Sarah.



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  • When a middle-aged woman in NYC is unhappy with her present love-life, she jumps at the chance to travel to Wyoming and meet a widowed rancher who is also looking for love.

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