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WWE Armageddon PPVs – From Worst To Best


So TLC 2015 is in the bag and it looks like the general consensus is that it was the same as it is every year. I.e. the booking was sometimes baffling and it was clearly a placeholder show before next month’s Royal Rumble, but that there was enough weapons-based carnage to make up for the questionable creative.

TLC has been a WWE institution since 2009, when the company felt that, gee, wouldn’t it be great to take an impactful stipulation bout, dilute it and string it out over the length of an entire PPV? (see also: Hell in a Cell). Before TLC, however, there was Armageddon, which was WWE’s December PPV from 1999 onwards (aside from in 2001 when it was renamed Vengeance, because WWE felt ‘Armageddon’ was too harsh following 9/11 and God bless America etc.).

Far from being predictable or, heaven forbid, consistent, the quality of Armageddon
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WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 10 Bloodiest & Best Extreme Rules Matches Of All Time

With Extreme Rules on the horizon, it seems kind of strange to have a show title that conjures up ideas and visuals of blood and violence in an age of WWE programming that is so opposed to ethos. So, I wanted to take a look back and talk about some of the best and most extreme matches from the vaults of the WWE, and most of them you can find on You Tube or various DVD box-sets.

To be clear, I have excluded many gimmick matches like Cage, Hell in a Cell etc. They can compose a number of different lists all together. But, I have opened this up to include hardcore, falls count anywhere or anything else that involves weapons or outside area spots, as these matches are often very much the same idea. And, the list is drawn from the WWE/WWF product not Ecw, WCW etc. If

The Undertaker vs Triple H – Hell in a Cell at WWE WrestleMania 28

On last night’s Raw SuperShow, Triple H finally accepted The Undertaker’s challenge for a rematch at WrestleMania 28 but did so on one condition… that they went all the way and that there would be no return. Triple H said the match would have to be a Hell in a Cell match.

Although The Undertaker hasn’t officially accepted the challenge he did smile and walk away after Hhh challenged him, a clear non verbal confirmation that he accepts. Besides, WWE would not tease this kind of match without actually going ahead with it.

No two superstars in WWE history have been involved in more Hell in a Cell grudge matches than The Undertaker and Triple H but surprisingly they have never faced each other in the specialist match in a 1 on 1 contest before… though they both were involved in the 8-man Hell in a Cell match at WWE Armageddon
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Wwe Armageddon Results

Jeff Hardy finally won the big one. World Wrestling Entertainment’s 2008 pay-per-view year concluded with Hardy doing what many people felt he was going to do at the Royal Rumble show way back in January. Wwe made the right decision by holding off on giving Hardy a run with the title, as he was suspended in early March for violating the Wellness Policy (he failed a drug test).
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