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Good, not great
BelgianUndertaker11 January 2004
Starting with an amazing pyro, the show was ready to begin. The matches were good, only Kane vs Batista was stupid. The footage of Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson was good and hot! Triple H vs HBK was one of the greatest matches in all times!

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All average PPV
amanwhorocks24 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
1. World Tag Team Championship - Champs:Chris Jericho/Christian Vs. Dudley Boyz Vs. Booker T./Goldust Vs. Steve Regal/Lance Storm - Final teams were Y2j's versus Booker's- ending? Goldust tag team champ, sigh... 7/10

2. Edge Vs. A-Train - DQ ending in an average match. 5.5/10

3. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Chris Benoit - I love these guys, but in that match electricity didn't work. At least in the beginning was too much holds, and people start to yell "boring!" Tough match and Benoit won. 8/10

Dawn Marie hitting on Torrie is hot! I like that footage the girls kissing :) 9/10

4. Batista Vs. Kane - Wow Kane laid for Batista in one really week match 5/10

Ok John Cena embarassed himself with some rap and we can go on.

5. WWE Women's Championship match: Jacqueline Vs. Champ-Victoria Vs. Trish Stratus - Plain match vit Victoria's victory, there were some mistakes too. 6/10

6. WWE Championship: Champ-Big Show Vs. Kurt Angle - Now this was interesting, Kurt Angle became champ again with Lesnar's help. 7/10

7. 2 out of 3 fall (Street fight, Cage and Ladder) World Heavyweight Championshp: Champ-Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels - Sorry guys, this thing didn't work well for me. These guys can make it better. I'm not into whole thing, I guess it was pretty long without breathtaking action (except last fall on tables). Triple H won, btw. 6/10
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WWE Armageddon 2002
This was a good PPV, but as usual some of the matches were a waste of time! Match 1 saw 4 teams battling it out in a four corners match up. Christian and Chris Jericho put their Tag Team titles on the line against William Regal and Lance Storm, Booker T and Goldust and The Dudley Boyz. This was a good opener, but Booker and Y2J shouldn't have been in the first match! Hopefully Kane and Edge were making notes as not even they could save their matches with Batista and A-Train respectively from stinking up the place! Then two of the all time greats collided as Chris Benoit fought Eddie Guerrero in a very good battle, but in my opinion this match was only there to give away some time on Armageddon. Next up Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Victoria do battle in a fine triple threat match for Victoria's title.

Then The Big Show with that screaming, annoying bastard Paul Heyman in his corner, put his WWE Championship on the line against Kurt Angle. This was an enjoyable match, which featured interference from A-Train who backbreaked Angle and Lesnar who F5'd Show! Angle won to a deafening ovation! Then HBK put his Heavyweight Championship on the line against Triple H in a fantastic two out of three falls match. Did anyone think HBK was going to retain his title?! Obviously Triple H won.

Overall a solid effort by HBK, HHH, Show, Angle, Guerrero, Benoit and Lesnar! Grade B-
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Bad way to end the year
inchalada3 April 2003
Armageddon was a bad way to end the WWE calender. With the exception of the Benoit-Guerrero stormer there was no other good matches on the card. Kurt Angle performed a miracle by carrying Big Show to a watchable match. The Shawn Michaels - Triple H bout was a dead set snooze fest. The action was very lame and the result very predictable. BAD Pay Per View.
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The only best Armageddon PPV I watched
kliko4004 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was the only best Armageddon PPV I watched, which surprised me since Armageddon is such a bad event.

FIRST MATCH- CJRIS JERICHO & Christian VS. BOOKER T & GOLDUST VS. DUDLEY BOYS VS. WILLIAM REGAL & LANCE STORM IN A FATAL 4 WAY ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Nice way to start the show as these teams get a shot at the Tag Team titles. Jericho & Christian are last with Booker T & Goldust, Booker T nails Jericho with the Scissors Kick for the win & for him & Goldust to become the new World Tag Team Champions. 5/10

SECOND MATCH- EDGE VS. A-TRAIN Why did they have to bring A-Train back? I mean he is such a bad wrestler & most of his matches are boring. Edge wins by disqualification after A-Train nailed Edge with the chair. After the match, Edge capitalized, & got a chair & beat A-Train with it getting revenge for injuring his tag team partner Rey Mysterio. 3/10

THIRD MATCH- CHRIS BENOIT VS. EDDIE GUERRERO W/ CHAVO GUERRERO WINNER GETS A FUTURE TITLE SHOT Good match, well what would you expect from wrestlers like Guerrero & Benoit. Both these men know each other so well & they also have great chemistry in the ring when it comes for them two to wrestle each other. Benoit makes Eddie Guerrero tap out to the Crossface to win & get a future title shot. 5/10

FOURTH MATCH- BATISTA W/ RIC FLAIR VS. KANE Well this match would of been something if it took just a bit longer. But still nothing really special or interesting in this match up. Ric Flair distracts the referee, which makes Batista to nail Kane with a Powerbomb for the win. 4/10

FIFTH MATCH- VICTORIA VS. JACQUELINE VS. TRISH STRATUS IN A TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH FOR THE WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Bad, sloppy & boring match. You know, I really think that Diva's should have more time in the ring rather than being just eye candy. Victoria wins after knocking Trish with her belt, then covering Jacqueline for the win & to retain her WWE Women's Championship. 3/10

SIXTH MATCH- BIG SHOW W/ PAUL HEYMAN VS. KURT ANGLE FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Well okay match, when you have Angle who is a great technical wrestler but not better than Benoit, then you have Big Show who most of his matches are big letdowns. The referee gets knocked down for A short while, which leads to Lesnar coming & nailing an F-5 on Big Show, the referee recovers as Angle covers for the 3 count & to win the WWE Championship. 4/10

SEVENTH MATCH- TRIPLE H W/ RIC FLAIR VS. SHAWN MICHAELS IN A 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FIRST MATCH: NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH SECOND MATCH: STEEL CAGE MATCH THIRD MATCH: LADDER MATCH Good & also brutal match. HHH & Michaels pull out great matches when they fight against each other. HHH wins the first fall while Michaels wins the second fall. Michaels is on top of the ladder & is about to grab his World title, when HHH comes & pushes Michaels right onto a set of tables, then HHH grabs the belt to win & become the new World Heavyweight Champion. 5/10

Armageddon normally is a bad event with some matches that do not make any sense & that are also boring. But this Armageddon was okay, the only best Armageddon that I watched.

Overall I'll give it 6/10 & a C
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