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Whatever They Do
jimmyzkeleton16 June 2003
"Whatever We Do" is actor, Kevin Connolly's directing debut, produced by 20-something star Tobey Maguire. Its a story about four friends, who after too many drinks discover more about their relationships then they ever wanted. As Kevin Connolly's first go at directing, this short film is great, its shot beautifully, making it all look very stylish and modern. Anything that this film may lack is made up with its A-class cast who all give great performances. This film has quite a quick pace for most of it and the actors manage to keep this up along with the on going humor (mostly provided by Robert Downey Jr.). The only problem with this film is that it lacks in originality, the story is the same old that we've seen before. But it is still a film worth a watch, if only for Downey's come back performance.
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good short
threenails103 August 2006
If you are a fan of the actors Robert Downey Jr. and Amanda Peet then watch this. The only problem with this short is that its too short and not enough dialogue to actually have feelings for these characters. If you are a person who is into indie films this one is for you. Oh yea and did I mention that Spiderman produced this. Yes I'm talking about Tobey Maguire. There are some good laughs from Downeys character and some serious stuff all rapped around the relationships of 4 characters. Personally I only watched this because Zooey Deschanel was in it and I'm a huge fan. But in this short she didn't have that much dialogue. So I wouldn't recommend it to Deschanel fans. But honestly who wouldn't want to watch a movie for free online anyways. Here is where to see it - copy and paste the link in your browser for those who don't know how these things work email me @
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Robert Downey Jr. Visits an old friend and in one day manages to turn his world upside down
laddvance20 March 2003
Kevin's storytelling ability mixed with a great visual style and exceptional acting makes this film one of the best shorts I have ever seen. I expect that Kevin will be directing big studio movies in the near future. I give the this film a Thumbs up.
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Human Beauty in Short
maluithil22 March 2009
This short film, with the lovely acting talents of Robert Downey Jr., Amanda Peet, Tim Roth, and Zooey Deschanel, is a viewer's film. You may like it or not entirely based on what you bring to it, on what you're looking for or open to. Some will like this film simply because they enjoy the acting or even just the aesthetic appeal of one or more of these actors. Some will not like this film because it seems depressing to them. I loved this film because it is an unapologizing display of four people as only human: mixed up and messed up and needy and unkind and loving and forgiving and weak. Like many films for me, this one might have gone either way but for the music- for example the closing song beautifully frames the short and highlights the beauty of such erring humanity. Any way you'd read it, it's worth your time to see.
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Would a great movie
yesgar13 June 2019
I wish someone would adapt this movie, I would to see more of Robert Downey jr relationship with patty when they were dating. I would also see more of the aftermath of the bar date
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