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Whole New Appreciation for Paul McCartney
We toss around the term "superstar" way too lightly these days, but here's one guy that truly deserves it.

I was glued to the set this entire show. The song selection was perfect -- it only contained the songs I actually wanted to hear and cut in with documentary footage during the weaker new songs. I loved that the band was just a five guys on stage in a very minimalist environment. (With songs of this strength, you don't need a circus to be entertained).

The shots of the crowd were amazing, too. How many performers can affect the original Beatles fans (now in their 50's and beyond), get young kids to jump up at the opening lines of "Can't Buy Me Love" and impact everyone in between?

While watching, I also realized that in the wake of John Lennon's tragic death, Paul McCartney instantly became an afterthought. Paul not only lost John and George (no matter what their final relations were, it must be hard to lose someone with whom you changed the world), but he also lost his wife Linda and never really seemed to garner the acknowledgment Lennon's murder received. I agree that Lennon's murder was horrible, but only now did I realize that Paul was sort of forgotten in the aftermath. I was very happy that he's found love again in Heather.

As for those complaining about the audio/video quality, I had no complaints whatsoever; both were crystal clear on my set. I think these same people will complain about the quality of DVD when the next format comes out; they'll never be satisfied.

My only regret was not buying a ticket to this show when I had the chance. Thanks to this video I was able to enjoy it.

When people remember John Lennon, they will first remember his murder and then his music. I now have a new appreciation for Paul McCartney, because, if nothing else, he will be remembered for his music first. And let's hope another lunatic won't change this, because the McCartney catalog is pretty good.
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You Say Goodbye-I Say Hello!!!! What a Concert
pkwalden22 June 2004
This is one of the finest music concerts anyone will ever see and hear. I grew up when All My Lovin' was brand new and to hear it again today by the original artist today is a measure of Sir P Mc's power to spellbind any crowd of any age. This doco goes way behind the scenes to show us life on the road not just for the band but everyone down to the roadies. I saw this guy live in Aussie 1975 and can assure you his performance here on this DVD is no less than he gave almost 30 years ago. I have a huge 5.1 surround sound system that does do this justice and would recommend this anyone especially a Beatles fan. This is the closest you will get to a Beatles concert today. Singer, Songwriter, lead/rhythm/ bass guitar, piano, ukulele, just pure genius. There are few entertainers who can stand alone with one instrument and hold the crowd in his hand. If you want note perfect music, buy a studio recorded CD. If you want to hear raw music as it is intended and spontaneous to the crowd, with all the excitement and emotion of the crowd-this DVD is for you.
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Great concert atmosphere, but no understanding of how DVD bonus features work
LiamABC21 June 2005
When I saw Paul McCartney live a couple of years ago, I was very impressed - even more than I thought I would be. So, when I bought a DVD player last year, Back In The US was one of the first DVDs I got to go with it.

Sadly, it was also the first DVD I took back. Why? The concert atmosphere is amazing, the songs are great . . . but my problem is the fact that they insist on switching to the life-on-the-road footage after every couple of songs. Why can't this be a separate feature? When I get a concert DVD I want to see THE CONCERT! I don't want it interrupted by all this documentary stuff every five minutes. Just imagine if they did that live when you saw them! Going off-stage every five minutes and playing a video of some aspect of life on the road! The audience wouldn't stand for it! I have the same problem with his Red Square DVD - which I bought yesterday and just took back today.

It's a real shame, too. Because there is such a great live vibe running through it all, it's a shame it keeps getting interrupted. If it wasn't for that, this show would have pride of place in my DVD collection. Same comments for Red Square - Paul, when are you going to release a PROPER live DVD, that doesn't keep interrupting the concert with documentary footage all the time!!!!!
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Here ( yesterday) today (and tomorrow)
dbdumonteil26 December 2006
This is a great film for McCartney's and Beatles fans!A splendid time is guaranteed for all.The audience (feat some celebrities such as Nicholson ,Cuzak,Michael Douglas) is ,as always,quite amazing:from small children to old campaigners of the sixties.They know the words to all the songs by heart ,and some of them are crying when Paul breaks into "blackbird" "yesterday " "all my loving" and all the treasures of his catalog (who ,except John Lennon and Dylan ,can claim such a repertoire?).There are two particularly moving moments:

-The double tribute to Lennon and Harrison;first "here today" performed solo (the title was included in "tug of war" 1982 and was its best track),then "something" when Paul uses an ukulele.

-"The long and winding road" rendition,a key moment,when Paul's voice cracks ,as he is moved to tears by the hearts the members of the tour crew hold in front of the stage.

I remember,in the early seventies ,when people used to despise Paul ,cause he was not involved in politics,as his ex-partner was.They had to change their mind for Paul is a committed artist: "fame is great cause it allows charity".The film shows different aspects of Paul's activities ,an artist who is anything but selfish.
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I am grateful for this video.
matren200328 March 2004
I love Paul McCartney. He is, in my oppinion, the greatest of all time. I could not, however, afford a ticket to his concert at the Tacoma Dome during the Back in the U.S. tour. I was upset to say the least. Then I found this DVD. It was almost as good as being there. Paul is still the man and I will enjoy this for years to come.

I do have one complaint. I would of like to hear all of Hey Jude.

Also Paul is not dead.

The single greatest concert DVD ever.

***** out of *****.
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Fantastic Music, but video and production is poor
Skywave23 January 2004
Wow, what a concert! It is just too bad that the video quality is poor. In addition, the production is very annoying to me. They felt the need to change the camera angles about every two to three seconds. I suppose they were trying to create some kind of "energy" with this technique, but it is way over used and can almost make you dizzy during actual concert footage. Still, I suppose it is worth a look. I would recommend renting it, not buying it, then just listen to it in the background while you are doing something else. Maybe the best bet is just to buy a CD of this great music.
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Three hours on ONE DVD = poor audio and video
david-ford310 December 2003
If (rumored) there is a TWO-DVD edition of this release, BUY IT!

I unwittingly purchased the SINGLE-DVD edition of this three-hour concert. I still love the Beatles and Paul; but, I'm amazed that he would release this wonderful music and commentary with such truly awful encoding (quality). I would think that an artist as wonderful as Sir McCartney would have more respect for his own music. At very best, you get NTSC-broadcast-TV quality. At the worst moments, it is no better than home video. BUT, if you like boomboxes and AM radio, I would tell you to buy this DVD, because it IS a wonderful compilation.

Inside the case they state "Dolby Digital"(tm). It is NOT DOLBY DIGITAL! It is ENCODED as DOLBY SURROUND(analog); but, I could not even detect any stereo imaging, much less a surround-sound stage.

Confession and disclaimer: I love beautiful music more than anyone I know. My stereo cost $6000. To me it was worth every penny. Sometimes beautifully-performed music (all the way from Rock To Bach) brings tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, ugly or poorly presented music is to my ears as fingernails scratching a chalkboard. Now that you know I'm quirky, I can tell you that after listening to the entire concert, I immediately broke this DVD out of sadness. If I had the power, I would break all of them. The Beatles and Paul deserve greater respect. I guess some suit thought he would save a buck by encoding three hours of beautiful music onto ONE DVD. In so doing, he turned something wonderful to crap.
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As close as you'll get to a "Fab 4" reunion
schi344014 January 2003
If the recent tragedies in his life have affected Paul McCartney, you sure couldn't tell by watching him on stage. Despite the deaths of his wife, Linda, and bandmate, George, McCartney looks and sounds like his old "Beatle" self in this documentary of his 2002 U.S. tour.

McCartney and his new traveling band (only one holdover from the last tour) play the hell out of all the Beatles, Wings & solo hits you know and love: "Hello-Goodbye", "Yesterday", "Live and Let Die", "Hey Jude", "My Love" and many more. The sound quality on this DVD are as close as you'll get to a live performance without shelling out $100+ for tickets.

But the disc is more than a concert film: It also gives us the tiniest glimpse of what it takes behind the scenes to put on a road show like McCartney's. We see and hear from truck drivers, gaffers, even the guy who sets off the pyrotechnics.

And you get to see the fans: some as young as 10, others as old as 65; many crying as they hear the familiar notes that take them back to a happier, simpler time.

A fine record of a pretty good tour, especially for those who couldn't be there in person.
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Sir Paul Still Rocks At Age 60
Desertman846 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S is a concert film by Sir Paul McCartney,who is half of the singing and songwriting core of The Beatles,together with the late John Lennon.Also,he stands among the most influential figures in 20th century music as part of The Beatles,who changed the face of popular music forever together with guitarist,the late George Harrison; and drummer Ringo Starr.

McCartney assembled a new live act composed of Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray on guitar, Abe Laboriel Jr. on drums and keyboardist Paul Wickens, who had been on McCartney's last two tours.Also,the concert film is a celebration of his past, with a substantial sampling of his solo work with and without Wings as well as his Beatles songs that he has co- written with Lennon.

Although he may still refuse to act his age as he provides great performance act at age 60 to the delight of his fans,this concert film lacks a documentary that would have somehow given details about Sir Paul at present when this film was released.Also,the behind-the-scenes footage and/or interviews between every performance affects the continuity.Better editing is required to make this a classic concert film.
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Video Quality Pure Disappointment
dstein-220 September 2003
Geeze Paul, How could you take such a kewl video concert and let someone talk you into just aweful audio and especially video quality. This should of been the best of quality that you and your fan's deserved. Still love ya Paul, and I am sure you are as disappointed as I am, but please don't let this happen again. Everyone makes mistakes, but this was not cool for all your fans. Think it was just a good idea gone wrong.
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