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the nostalgic comedy of the sixties-wonderland
oelee1 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
*spoiler a bit*

It's the first time that I ever heard of Serge Bozon either have seen his movie. I had no background idea what the film will turn up to. (I simply imagined the Velvet Goldmine or some sort, thinking about music and so on) What I discovered was, well, more than a pleasant experience. It was last night that I saw it and I can't resist the temptation to write something about this film.

First of all I'd like to mention that Mods is not a realistic film. It is filled with images and the 'cliche' of the sixties, and the characters are rather clown-like, mechanical, but sympathetic. It is the sixties we expect to be, not the real sixties. But the details are cut into metaphores such as the campus, the old-fashioned jeans and the weird 'Beatles' haircut, and it REALLY works. The featuring music and the 'dances' remind me somehow those of experimental movie clips, but it's far much better, and furthermore, really 'funny'. (I couldn't find the proper words to describe this film other than funny, but it IS funny.)

In this world of imaginary-sixties-of-students there comes the two strangers, the soldiers, for a 'mission' - to save their brother. As they find out about their brother (who is the small hero of that world) little by little, they also give the audiences the hints about the small world the director created through their 'play'. The sequences are repeated like the symphony with several variation. (and it's real 'traditional' term of comedy, i think)

It's a big circus, well-done comedy and I really fancied almost all the details. So far it was the first time that I really enjoyed watching 'french' comedy (apart from those of 'classic'), and you gotta see it by yourself.(it's only 59 min.)
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My favorite at Locarno Film Festival
Charbax14 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Watching 5 movies a day at the Locarno Film Festival which is 6th August to 16th August in Locarno Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, I find "Mods" to have been the movie I enjoyed watching the most.

This movie experience is truly original. Funny, the dialogs are heavy so easy to understand.

* spoilers ahead *

The choreography is so nice, the whole movie is like a ballet dance, specially the several actual Ballet dancing sequences that interrupt the "play" every few minutes.

The actors are young people, but they are so nicely into the movie, most of them have weird haircuts. This movie is very nicely showing off some weird trend I guess called the "mods" trend. With Beatles-kind-of hair-style.

One funny joke in the movie is the doctor lying on this table banging his head into a door when he wakes up when that military guy enters, and then he says "Did I scare you?", he has got that weird hair-cut you know, it's kind-of scary.

At the forum-discussion the producer of the movie said the cost of making this movie was as low as 50 thousand euros. I say, with all those expensive-looking super-productions, I look forward to more original scripts made into cheap movies like this Mods-experience and distributed to that audience of clever people such movie deserves.

This movie was screened late in the afternoon in the big indoor cinema of the festival. Sadly it did not get a standing-ovation, and the director was left sitting in the nearly empty huge cinema when the credits were finished scrolling. I went and told the director I really enjoyed the movie, and I noticed a few other people express the same, but I guess this is not enough. I expect this movie will be distributed to the places it deserves to be shown and let the millions of people who want to experience such great crazy script and movie be able to.
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