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Chucky gets revenge against his old boss!
blanbrn3 February 2008
"Super Bowl XXXVII" featured a most interesting grudge match involving Tampa coach John Gruden against his former team the Oakland Radiers a team he had coached for four years. Tampa the NFC champ had the top ranked defense and Oakland the AFC champ had the NFL's top ranked offense so it should have been a game for the ages. Yet a good defense always beats a good offense right! From the start the Tampa D was swift and fast as it closed in and held Oakland to 21 total yards on the first 15 plays. On the other side Tampa would dominate with power football and running behind the power of the offensive line they would take a commanding 20-3 halftime lead. More of the same in the second half as Tampa would start with an 89 yard drive and score and Michael Pittman would add 100 yards rushing. Yet the defense would put the icing on the cake forcing 5 interceptions and scoring three defensive touchdowns in the 48-21 win making John Gruden the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl as Chucky got his revenge against old boss Al Davis!
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A Fitting Ending
corbett7897 October 2015
This is one of my favorite Super Bowls ever. As a Chiefs fan, I hate the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis was evil and his organization reflected him in many ways.

Raiders QB Rich Gannon, a former Chief #@1$&!!! had, at that time, the greatest single offensive season of all time. The Raiders were unstoppable.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, an NFL laughingstock until a few short years before, had possibly the greatest defense of all time, with Hall of Famers at every level, and one of the greatest talkers of all time, Simeon Rice.

Thus was the stage set. Unstoppable vs Immovable. And Immovable won proving again the old adage that offense wins games, defense, championships. The Bucs routed the bastards 48-21.

The thing that makes this Super Bowl so satisfying to me is the fact that the Raiders haven't had a winning season since. In fact, they haven't been above .500 after 3 games since then.

It was such a devastating loss that it destroyed the last vestiges of sanity left in the syphilitic brain of Al Davis and his subsequent malingering completely imploded the franchise. A fitting ending to the most evil organization since World War 2. I rate Super Bowl 37, 10 of 10 because I can't rate it 11/10.
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