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Kaupo8611 January 2004
I`m Estonian and for me the movie really is excellent. The style, surroundings, characters and the ability to make jokes on usual topics that follow persons in their life. When I first saw the movie, I joint it in the middle. That time I only laughed but second time that I watched it from the beginning to the end I really received the whole idea. I suggest the movie to people that have some knowledges of Estonian historical background(some of the jokes might be misunderstood or you might not understand it at all).
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Story of two average Estonian guys in their 60's :)
nbaid7 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
so okay, its like a story of two average Estonian guys in their ~60's, spending their days drinking beer and doing nothing. Til one day one of them goes home to find out that hes house has been demolished to make room for a new one and that he has been given a new home somewhere in countryside. So the guy moves there, which really makes the wife of that other guy happy because now her husband doesn't have anyone to slack around and drink beer with :P... but then she realizes that the other guy, the one who moved to the countryside, could use a wife or a girlfriend to make sure he STAYS in hes new home and doesn't move back to city. So the whole story is mostly based around that wife of that one guy trying to find a female companion for that other one, which apparently doesn't work out that well :)
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the best Estonian movie ever
drkana11 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
For me this film is the best movie ever made in Estonia. It is really funny and the actors are great. It is harder to understand it if you're not Estonian because the jokes are with a ulterior motive and bound with Estonian history and people. You can find many interesting new facts in it. There are also many interesting characters and if you look close you realize that some of the female role are played by men (It doesn't mean that they are gays. It is so because it was originally a radio show and the men had to do the female voices to.) It is a lovely movie to watch as a child and as a adult. But I still recommend it to all viewers
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This Movie Is Great
randy1617 January 2004
I have seen this movie in my own language (estonian) and it was great... All the actors r super,they r the best in Estonia.

If u havent seen this movie ,u havent seen nothing !! U should all watch this movie !!!!
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Good comedy, but maybe funny only for Estonians
sailem19 July 2007
The movie is based on the comedy serial "Vanad ja kobedad", where two guys were playing all the characters, also women characters, which made it real funny. The serials themselves were originally radio-shows, with voice characters same as the ones in serials and the movie.

Plot in the movie is as follows: Two radiomen are making the radio-show based on their imaginary characters Valdur - man in the house, well actually much controlled by his wife Maie. Valdur has a friend called Väino, who has some drinking problems. Maie has a friend called Silvi, who has some men-problems. Silvi even likes Väino, but that's probably because almost no other men even look towards Silvi. Maie doesn't like Väino, because of it's illness with vodka, but in this movie Väino finally gets his own house, so Maie will have some small respect for him. As Väino has a house, he needs someone who could deal with a house - a woman. So he tries to find one from newspapers... well actually Maie tries to find him a woman. There are also other characters added to original idea. Some locals and well... you have to see it yourself, I can't retell you everything.

It's ridiculously funny for Estonians, to see the perfect actors Henrik Normann and Madis Milling just doing their job, but it might be funny for non Estonians too, or at least something very different to your ordinary movies. Watch it (no idea where you could get the copy) and give IMDb feedback yourself. As for Estonians this movie is at least 8/10, but for you?
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