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11 Sep. 2003
The Miller's Tale
Flash con artist Nick Zakian sweeps into a Kentish village and starts to scam the locals. The prize for him, though, is to seduce Alison, young trophy wife of pub landlord John and, as she is the star of the pub's karaoke nights,Nick sees his chance by telling her he is a talent scout who can secure her a recording contract. However not only is John extremely protective of his child bride but she also has lovelorn young admirer Danny in tow. So, when Nick hatches his plan to have his wicked way with her,he gets it in the end but not the way he had hoped and also quite...
18 Sep. 2003
The Wife of Bath
Beth Craddock is a highly successful television actress in her early fifties but her professional success is not reflected in her private life. She has had four husbands and the fourth is about to leave her for another woman. She begins an affair with co-star Jerome who is thirty years her junior and, despite general disapproval,they are genuinely happy. Unfortunately Jerome's health issues mean that the story does not end well for Beth.
25 Sep. 2003
The Knight's Tale
Cell-mates Ace and Paul have been best friends since childhood but the arrival at their prison of attractive civilian teacher Emily drives a wedge between them when both lads fall for her. Ace is released first and the obsessed Paul stages an escape in order to get to Emily before him. This leads to a confrontation and a tragic end for one of them.
2 Oct. 2003
The Sea Captain's Tale
Wealthy businessman Jetender is married to the younger Meena,whose extravagant tastes have landed her in eleven thousand pound's worth of debt. When Jetender takes on a young business partner Pushpinder, who falls in love with her, Meena exploits him by telling him her husband is cruel to her. She persuades Pushpinder to borrow the money to pay her debts from Jetender, which he does, but when he discovers she has been lying, he finishes with her, causing her to smash up his shop. Jetender then sends him back to India but there is a hint of reconciliation between the ...
9 Oct. 2003
The Pardoner's Tale
In the cathedral city of Rochester con-man Arty,who fell out with his religious parents years ago,diverts tourists' attention by reciting Shakespeare whilst his friends Baz and Colin pick their pockets. A year earlier a young girl disappeared and was killed and now another girl,Amy, has vanished. Arty decides they will cash in on the tragedy by falsely starting a collection for the search volunteers but they are approached by a mysterious girl called Kitty who tells them she knows Amy is dead and that she can show them who killed her. Taking advantage of the girl the ...
16 Oct. 2003
The Man of Law's Tale
Fleeing persecution in her native Nigeria, Constance, an illegal immigrant, is taken in by Adam and Nicky Constable and falls, mutually, for their friend Alan King. However, another young man, Terry, becomes obsessed with her and makes a savage play for her, interrupted by Nicky, whom he kills. He is convicted but Constance's immigrant status is exposed and she is sent back to Nigeria, pregnant with Alan's baby. Despite efforts by his mother to come between them Alan follows her to Africa where they are reconciled proving, as Chaucer declared six hundred years earlier...


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