Peoria Babylon (1997) Poster

David Drake: Jon Ashe


  • Jon Ashe : Candy, I just can't stand it here anymore. You don't know... you don't WANT to know what I have to go through just to PRETEND that there's a life for me here. I can't paint here. I can't meet anyone NEW. There's only twenty gay men in town. TWENTY! Even if they dress five different ways, that's just a hundred choices, and none of them even understand the rudiments of taste.

  • Candy Dineen : You will have style coming out of every office you want.

    Jon Ashe : [correcting]  Orifice.

    Candy Dineen : Exactly.

  • Jon Ashe : Something's very wrong here.

    Candy Dineen : I know.

    Jon Ashe : You don't suppose...

    Candy Dineen : Oh, Jonny, please, no.

    Jon Ashe : You don't suppose that we're both...

    Candy Dineen : No, no. Oh...

    Jon Ashe : ...both fallen in love, do you?

    Candy Dineen : Oh, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen.

  • Jon Ashe : ENGAGED! Are you out of your mind?

    Candy Dineen : I'm not gonna argue with you about this.

    Jon Ashe : Oh, yes, you are! You don't know what you're doing, Candy.

    Candy Dineen : Oh, like YOU do? At least MY lover didn't get me arrested - although I do suppose you meet an electric crowd in a jail cell.

    Jon Ashe : [correcting]  Eclectic.

    Candy Dineen : Exactly.

  • Jon Ashe : Do I look like a trick to you? Do I?

    [Matt says nothing] 

    Jon Ashe : Oh, shut your face.

  • [Raul makes an offer which Jon thinks he can refuse] 

    Jon Ashe : Then, what if we say "no?"

    Raul Kessler : Fine wid me, but chu better plan on spendin' the next ten years or so in jail. And pack lots of lube - you're gonna need it.

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