Robots (2005) Poster


Jennifer Coolidge: Aunt Fanny



  • Rodney Copperbottom : Hey Fender.

    [Rodney does arm farts] 

    Fender : Yeah Baby, let 'er rip!

    [Rodney and Fender are doing arm farts] 

    Crank : What are you guys, 3 years old? This is how a man does it.

    [Crank does arm farts] 

    Piper : You guys are SO gross! Besides, this is how you do it.

    [Piper does arm farts] 

    Aunt Fanny : Hey kids, get a load of this...

    [does BIG farts; Everyone is grossed out] 

    Piper : Aunt Fanny, we were using our arms!

    Crank : Ugh, light a match!

    Lamppost : Lady... please... see a doctor...

    Lamppost : [the lamppost passes out] 

  • Aunt Fanny : [pushes Rodney into wall with large backside]  Where's your friend, dear?

    Fender : He's been rear-ended.

  • Aunt Fanny : But fighting never solved anything.

    Bigweld : Quitting's not so productive, either.

  • Aunt Fanny : And what's your name?

    Rodney Copperbottom : [is mesmerized by her large derriere]  I'm Rodney Bigbottom.


    Rodney Copperbottom : No, I mean - I'm Rodney Copperbottom! Copperbottom.

  • Aunt Fanny : Oh, what happened to your friend?

    Fender : He got rear-ended.

  • Aunt Fanny : [on Cappy]  I used to have a figure like that.

  • Crank : [Rodney and Fender are having an arm-farting competition and he can hear them]  Hey, guys! Come on, what are you? Three years old? This is how a *man* does it!

    [Crank lets out a big arm fart] 

    Piper : [from the next room]  You guys are so *gross*! Besides, *this* is how you do it!

    [Piper lets out an arm fart] 

    Aunt Fanny : [from the upstairs room]  Hey kids! Get a load of this!

    [Aunt Fanny lets out a huge, rumbling fart, not from her arm, but from her derriere, and it causes an earthquake] 

    Piper : [to Aunt Fanny]  Aunt Fanny, we were using our *arms*!

  • Aunt Fanny : Say hello to my dimpled friend!

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