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Wesley Snipes: Blade



  • Blade : Now, what's behind Door Number One?

    Chief Martin Vreede : I can't tell you. They-they'll kill me.

    Blade : Kill you? Motherfucker, I'll kill you! I'll just enjoy it better.

  • Dracula : Blade, ready to die?

    Blade : I was born ready motherfucker!

    Dracula : Motherfucker... I like that.

  • Dr. Edgar Vance : Do you know what day it is?

    [Blade declines to answer] 

    Dr. Edgar Vance : How 'bout the president? You know who that is. Who's in the White House, right now?

    Blade : An asshole.

  • Blade : What the hell makes you think you know about huntin' vampires?

    Hannibal King : Well, here's for starters.

    [shows Vampire tattoo] 

    Hannibal King : I used to be one.

    [puts shirt down] 

    Hannibal King : Do I pass the audition?

  • Dracula : [looks from a building]  Look at them down there, scurrying around like insects. They don't know anything about honor or living by the sword. Not like you and I do. Do you think they could ever grasp what it means to be immortal?

    Blade : You're not immortal. I musta heard hundreds of you rodents make the same claim. Each one of them has tasted the end of my sword.

    Dracula : Perhaps I will too, then. But I think it is more likely the next time we meet, you fall before *mine*.

  • Zoe : [watching Blade inhaling his serum]  Why do you do that?

    Blade : Because there's something bad inside of me. This keeps it from getting out.

    Zoe : Why can't you just be nice?

    Blade : Because the world isn't nice.

  • Hannibal King : We call ourselves the Nightstalkers.

    Blade : Hmm. Sounds like rejects from a Saturday morning cartoon.

    Hannibal King : Well, we were gonna go with the Care Bears, but, uh, that was taken.

  • Dex : Consider us your reinforcements.

    Blade : What? You amateurs are supposed to be helping me? You? Look at you. You're kids. You're not ready to roll with this. I mean, look at the way you're dressed. What, that's supposed to be tactical?

    [about Hannibal's name tag] 

    Blade : What is this? What is that? "Fuck you." It's a joke, huh? What the fuck is wrong with y'all? You think this is a joke? You think this is a fucking sit-com?

    Hannibal King : Okay, first off, that's just rude. Second, I'm pretty sure we saved your ass back there.

  • Hannibal King : Welcome to the honeycomb hideout.

    Blade : How do you bankroll this operation?

    Hannibal King : I date a lot of older men.

  • Hannibal King : Let's face it, we are fighting a losing battle here. So we kill a few hundred of them a year, big deal. There are thousands of them out there, maybe tens of thousands. We need a new tactic.

    Blade : Like what?

    Sommerfield : A biological weapon. For you sighted people, here's a little show-and-tell.

  • [after Blade stakes Gedge who he believes is a vampire] 

    Blade : Staked you with silver. Why aren't you ash?

    Gedge : Why aren't you smarter? Not a vampire, dumb shit! Set your sorry ass up.

    [Gedge takes off fake vampire teeth] 

    Blade : Damn.

  • Blade : [to Chief Martin Vreede]  Go. You've got 20 seconds.

    [Vreede runs off] 

    Blade : [Blade waits 3 seconds]  20!

    [he shoots him] 

  • Abraham Whistler : Congratulations, you're famous. Somebody nailed us. Faces all over the papers, televisions. Media's eating it up.

    Blade : Like I care.

    Abraham Whistler : Well, you should. Somethin' like this, takin' out a human, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, you're public enemy #1.

    Blade : Didn't notice it was a popularity contest.

  • Ray Cumberland : Say, how many people have you killed, Blade? Thirty? Forty? Fifty?

    Blade : One thousand, one hundred and eighty two. But they were all familiars.

  • Blade : [on Dracula]  So the movies are true.

    Hannibal King : Ha! The movies are just a comforting fairy-tale compared to the real deal. Bram Stoker, he wrote a good yarn. But the events that he described back in 1897, God, that was just a tiny piece of the mosaic.

  • [showing Blade and Abbie the blood-farming facility] 

    Chief Martin Vreede : They decided that hunting humans on a piece-meal basis was too inefficient. Why kill your prey when you can keep them alive? Under optimal conditions a donor can generate anywhere from fifty to a hundred pints of blood a year.

    Abigail Whistler : But where did you get all these people?

    Chief Martin Vreede : The streets. In any given year you've got two to three million homeless people wandering around America. No one cares about them. We're doing the country a service, really.

    Blade : [applauds sarcastically]  The vampire Final Solution.

    Abigail Whistler : Are they aware? Do they feel anything?

    Chief Martin Vreede : They're in a chemically-induced coma. They're brain dead, vegetables.

    [Blade seizes Vreede by the collar and slams his face into one of the cells] 

    Blade : Look at this! Is this the future you want? You think there's a place for *you* in their future?

    Chief Martin Vreede : We don't have a choice! They're going to win. Can't you see that? He's come back! There's nothing stopping them now.

    Blade : [in Vreede's face]  There's me.

  • [while Blade is restrained, Vance injects him with a sedative] 

    Dr. Edgar Vance : You don't have a problem with needles, do you? There! That wasn't so bad, was it?

    [he leans closer, and Blade hears him through a haze] 

    Dr. Edgar Vance : Oh, you're weak. In need of your serum. That must be a bad feeling. I mean, that a mere human like me could have over-powered you?

    Blade : [realizes]  You're one of them. A familiar.

    [Vance shows Blade a glyph tattoo on his wrist] 

    Dr. Edgar Vance : Going on five years now. It's the endgame, Blade. All their plans are coming to fruition. Why don't you just sit back, and enjoy the show?

  • Blade : [Blade is bobbing Hoop up and down over the edge of a building]  Eventually, you know, your head is gonna pop off.

    Hoop : Fuck, no, no! Please, please, please!

    Blade : Who's your handler?

    Hoop : I don't know my fucking handler! I swear, I swear!

    [Blade loosens his grip] 

    Hoop : Oh, shit! Please! Please!

    [a cell phone rings. Blade looks at Abbie and Hannibal, who shrug, then down at the familiar] 

    Blade : Oh, it's you! I'll take that. Come on! Let's go, come on!

    [Hoop hands his cell to Blade] 

    Dr. Edgar Vance : Hello? Hello? Hello, this is Dr. Vance. You paged me?

    Blade : [chuckles]  It's for you. Yeah, go ahead.

    [Blade hands the phone back. Hoop puts it to his ear] 

    Hoop : Hello...?

    [Blade lets go] 

    Hoop : Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!


  • [after the vampires' attack on the Nightstalkers' hideout] 

    Blade : Are you all right?

    Abigail Whistler : Yeah. I'll be fine.

    Blade : Don't let it turn inward.

    Abigail Whistler : Ever since I can remember, I've had this - I've had this knife of sadness in my heart. And as long as it's there, you know, I'm-I'm strong, and I'm-I'm untouchable. But the moment that I take it out... I'll just die.

  • [Blade confronts Dracula at the top of a building, at morning] 

    Blade : How come you can walk in daylight?

    Dracula : Haven't you read Stoker's fable? I was the first.

    Blade : So that's why they brought you back.

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