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One of the best of the bunch
SqueakyCheeky22 August 2007
I used to love watching After School specials and as many as I watched this one that I always remembered. Seth Green was so young and Maddie Corman was great. I remember a scene where she had to dye her hair and I remember them having to learn new names/identities. I couldn't have said that Lindsay Crouse played the mom but then again it's been quite awhile. I know they've released several volumes of After School Specials but I wish they'd release some more including this one. Other faves included "Tattling: When to Tell On a Friend" with Alison Smith and Tammy Lauren, "Terrible Things My Mother Told Me" (in my top 3) with Beth Howland far removed from her "Vera" character and one that I can't remember that involved a babysitter who remembers being molested by an uncle after she recognizes the signs in a little girl she babysits. I remember a scene with her and her babysitting charge that involves a doll house. The guy who played the molester did other things but I always thought of him as the evil guy from the After School Special!
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