The Woodsman (2004) Poster


Kevin Bacon: Walter



  • Vickie : So, what did you do?

    Walter : I molested little girls.

    Vickie : [laughs in disbelief] 

    Walter : 12 years in prison is no joke.

  • Walter : They think I'm crazy.

    Rosen : Do you think you're crazy?

    Walter : You know, talking to you is like riding on a fucking merry-go-round.

    Rosen : That's a marvelous image, Walter. Because by going in circles, we find things we missed the first time around.

  • Walter : [Repeated line]  When will I be normal?

  • Walter : What can I do for you Sergeant Lucas?

    Sgt. Lucas : Oh, you can listen to my stories about Jesus.

  • Walter : Uncommon beauty is commonly overlooked.

  • Carlos : [throws him a can of beer]  Boy, you still think fast!

    Walter : You don't need to think fast to handle a beer.

  • Vickie : So, are you gonna tell me your dark secret?

    Walter : Why do you wanna know?

    Vickie : Don't you think I should know before we have sex?

    Walter : [looks at her] 

    Vickie : I don't like to waste time.

  • Sgt. Lucas : Do you believe in Fairy Tales?

    Walter : Fairy Tales?

    Sgt. Lucas : Yeah, like Alice in Wonderland.

    Walter : No.

    Sgt. Lucas : Yeah, yeah, me neither. What's that one with the Woodsman?

    Walter : Woodsman?

    Sgt. Lucas : Yeah, with the ax?

    Walter : I don't know.

    Sgt. Lucas : Yeah, you know it. The Woodsman, he cuts open the wolf's stomach and the little girl come out alive...

    Walter : Little Red Riding Hood.

    Sgt. Lucas : Little Red Riding Hood! That's it! That's it. The Woodsman, he cuts open the wolf's stomach, the girl comes out without a scratch... You ever see a seven-year-old sodomized in half? She was so small, just broken. I saw 20-year vets on that job. Hard guys, they just broke down and cried. I was there, I cried... There ain't no fucking woodsman in this world.

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