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Season 6

5 Sep. 1989
Nursery Rhymes 2
Rod bakes a Nursery Rhyme pie. Freddy uses his tie as a fish in a picture. Jane reads from a book of Nursery Rhymes but mixes all of them together.
12 Sep. 1989
The Street
First Rod, Jane and Freddy are working on a street. Then Jane pretends to be a cat and Freddy a one-man-band. Jane goes looking for Raindbow street. Rod makes a person out of street sign and together with Jane, runs a corner shop.
19 Sep. 1989
Party Fancy Dress
Rod, Jane & Freddy are putting up party decorations. Freddy dresses up as 'Dick Turnip the naughty highwayman'.
26 Sep. 1989
Emotions 1
Rod, Jane & Freddy open the show by singing 'Mr. Bodger' and Freddy plays the title character. Rod goes through the mail and writes a letter to some friends. Freddy draws a picture of Billy the Dog as a lead in to the trio performing a song about Billy. Jane finds her puppet Wilbur is depressed, so she gives him a song to cheer him up.
3 Oct. 1989
Fast and Slow
Rod makes a fast motorcycle out of several suitcases. Freddy tells a story about the enormous spotty Dotty Plod. After a rest in the sun, Jane pretends to be a wind-up ballerina. Finaly all three have a good old fashioned ho-down.
10 Oct. 1989
Moving: Decorating
After moving into a new house, Freddy reads a ghost story. Jane performs a rhyme about a snail. Rod pretends to be Sir Brian the knight. Then a couple of moving boxes perform a little dance.
17 Oct. 1989
Sketches and songs about different noises. Freddy provides the sounds when Rod recites a rhyme. The three of them pretend to be dogs, friars and puppets from a jack in the box. Then they pretend to take the train to work.
24 Oct. 1989
Emotions 2
The show starts with a serious song, "Care For The Children". Then Rod, Jane & Freddy sings songs and do sketches about laughing and crying. This includes Rod reading a book and Jane putting up Pierrot make-up.
31 Oct. 1989
The Girl with the Long Nose
Rod, Jane & Freddy tell the story of a girl with a very long nose. The unhappy girl decides to visit a wizard and ask him for help. The Wizard tells her his spell will only work if she finds someone with a longer nose than her first. After looking for days, she does find a boy with an even longer nose and has to convince him to go back with her to the Wizard.
7 Nov. 1989
Colours 1
Rod's white jacket comes out in bright colours at the laundry. Rod, Jane & Freddy each paint parts of a picture with tree rainbows. Freddy plays a painter called Mr. Gazanda and Rod & Jane his naughty students.
14 Nov. 1989
Rod talks about his friend Ned who never cleaned his teeth. Jane makes different objects out of a giant lollipop. Freddy plays a fruit-seller who gets Rod all confused by substituting fruit for other words.
21 Nov. 1989
Jane turns a suitcase into a cow to get some fresh milk for her tea. Freddy dresses as an elf and explains the eating habits of his kind. Rod wants to go out for a meal but can't decide what nationality he prefers tonight.
28 Nov. 1989
Paper 1
Rod, Jane and Freddy play around with a giant newspaper and some noisy books. Jane wears a paper costume and wig and all three sing about being dustmen and about winter turning into spring.
5 Dec. 1989
Suitcases 1
Rod, Jane and Freddy make a train out of a bunch of suitcases and go for a ride. However they keep misplacing their tickets. Later, Rod and Freddy take Jane on a ride in a horse and carriage and end up at an English garden party.
12 Dec. 1989
Tristan is always dreaming of seeing the world. Therefore Nod, the oldest man in the world and keeper of dreams lets him have a look at several different places while asleep. Nod's assistant Dream Boy takes Tristan to the land of ice and snow, a desert and a noisy city. But when Tristan wakes up he finds his own home is the best place to live.
19 Dec. 1989
A Day in the Country
When Rod, Jane & Freddy go out to the country for a picnic, they meet Daisy the cow who refuses to go 'moo'. Later on the weather gets cloudy, so the trio sings about that as well.
9 Jan. 1990
Snow and Ice
The world has been covered in snow. So Rod, Jane and Freddy get all dressed up in warm clothes to build Mr. Snowman. Freddy plays a hot chestnut salesman. Rod pretends to be a deer and all three dress up like penguins.
16 Jan. 1990
Dressing Up
The singing trio likes to dress up. Freddy pretends to be Red Beard the Pirate. Jane dresses up in clothes made out of newspapers and cups. Rod plays a clown how lends out all his clothes. Later they build a Chinese Dragon.
23 Jan. 1990
Houses and Homes
R, J and F perform rhymes and puppetry that concern houses and homes, such as 'The House that Jack Built'; 'The Three Little Pigs'; The Old Lady who lived in a Shoe". Jane also tells a story to a bookworm.
30 Jan. 1990
Suitcases 2
Rod, Jane and Freddy build a boat out of a lot of different suitcases and sail to a desert island to have a great adventure. Later on, Freddy becomes a clown and together they sing a song about different kinds of weather.
6 Feb. 1990
The Garden
Rod, Jane and Freddy sing about garden gnomes and insects that you can find in the garden.
13 Feb. 1990
Rod, Jane and Freddy play games, riddles and make a jigsaw. But when they find one piece is missing, they go search for every piece they ever lost.
20 Feb. 1990
It's Wild Buffalo Bill Hiccup's Wild West Show starring Miss Annie Oakleigh and Big Chief Yellow Belly
27 Feb. 1990
Music and Song
Music makes you happy. Jane dances on giant piano keys. Freddy makes music out of food. Rod is joined by the others when he's having a jolly good whistle.
6 Mar. 1990
The Chinese Plate
A Chinese gardener wants to marry the Emperor's daughter. To prove his worth, the gardener has to complete three tasks of the Emperors choosing: to spend a night in the dragon's cave; to choose between the Princess and all of the Emperor's wealth; to decorate 500 Chinese dragon plates in one night.

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