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Sex & Nudity

  • Sensual song - (Qayamat Qayamat) - Woman is seen dancing in a club, she removes her bra (no nudity) and is seen changing behind a veil, her silhouette can be seen. Two men can be seen watching her attentively. The two men are shown with the woman pinning her against a wall and generally stroking her (no kissing or nudity).
  • Sensual song - (Yaar Pyar Ho Gaya) - A woman is shown wearing a cardigan and shorts. She removes the cardigan, revealing her bra underneath. She walks over to the bathroom and is shown attempting to unhook her bra before the camera lowers to her ass, following her from behind. Camera lowers to her feet as we see her remove her shoes and drop the bra to the floor, we then see her shorts drop to the floor as she climbs into the tub (no nudity shown). The woman is then shown covered in bubbles as a man enters and begins walking towards the tub. The camera cuts to a different location as the man picks the woman up as she wraps her legs around him, The woman is later shown posing erotically whilst sat on a horse. The man and woman are then shown in a shower as water is falling on them as they embrace. The song then cuts to the man and woman on a bed as the man applies then massages chocolate sauce onto the woman, he is shown playfully biting her lower back. The song then cuts back to the scene with the horse as the woman pushes the man towards a gate and exposes his bare chest, the man is seen lifting the woman and swaying her as she straddles him. The man is then shown sitting behind the woman (nudity for both characters is implied) in the bathtub [seen at the start], he feeds her strawberries. The man and woman are then shown on a bed clothed as they embrace and roll around (sex is implied).
  • A woman is shown exiting the sea wearing a bikini in slow motion, a man watches her from a distance as she walks to her towel and dries herself (brief - seen during the song Dil Chura Liya)

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