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Stitch is #1
bbSouthstreet20 September 2003
I just saw this show this morning and I have to say this is the best idea for a Saturday morning cartoon since House of Mouse. It has comedy, adventures and proves that the saying, "Everyone has a place in this world," is true blue. Lilo and Stitch is the best show on TV for the fall lineup. Can't wait to see more episodes.
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It's fun!
klchu17 November 2003
I was a big fan of the original movie, and I did like the video sequel (which is really just the pilot for the series). Some people compare the series/sequel to Pokemon, but I don't think that is fair. The series is quite good and stands on its own. While not every episode is a gem, a good majority of them are. Sure, they are fun for the kids, but there are also lots of inside/adult/meta jokes that only older people will get. There are lots of similarities to Animaniacs, if you liked them. One nice change is the Pleakley character. In the first two movies, he was just kind of there, but in the series, he gets many of the funniest lines. I'm talking about laugh out loud funny, too.

So, if you are a fan of Lilo and Stitch, check out the series! It's fun!
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Animation quality not up to the movie, but...
MrsSpooky10 August 2004
I always wondered how they would follow up on the movie - it was wonderful and had the perfect ending. The problem is, I'm one of these people who always wants to know what happens to the characters when the movie is over. Thankfully, Disney gave us Lilo & Stitch, the Series.

The animation in the series is nowhere NEAR the quality that we saw in the movie, but the stories are engaging and often hilarious. I totally enjoy the continued adventures of Lilo & Stitch and their friends - and it's cool to see the 625 experiments that went before our beloved experiment 626.

This show is good for kids, but has lots of great stuff for adults to appreciate.
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Lilo and Stitch is a great show
Cutelizzy20 July 2006
I really like the show Lilo and Stitch because it's pretty funny, and something about it makes me want to watch it to see what the next experiment will be. The only thing I don't really like about it is the plot. In every episode, it's the same. Find experiment, capture it with Gantu right behind them, and find it's perfect home. But I have to admit that while the plot is the same in every episode, it's still very original. I think most of the experiments are really cute and their powers are really creative.

Lilo lives with her sister Nani, and often causes trouble while trying to capture experiments with her loyal, lovable, and evil pet "dog" Stitch. When they find an experiment, they try to capture it before Gantu, who work for Hamsterveil, an evil hamster. Once they capture it, they turn it good and find it's true place.
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I really enjoy this show
David_l_s14 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I want to comment to say that this show is a very unique has our favorite characters and that the show creators and cast have united to bring us fresh new episodes of Lilo and Stitch.I really enjoy this show and I want to tribute Chris Sanders and the whole cast and crew of the movie and series...Good Job Everyone and a special thanks to Disney Pictures and Television/Buena Vista Inc.I wake up every Saturday to watch a episode of Lilo and Stitch and see what experiment they catch during the episode.My favorites are too many to say..but as before it's a wonderful show and I'm very proud of it.Thanks for the further adventures of Lilo and Stitch and I want to make a truly special shoutout to Daviegh Chase and Jeff Bennett..Congratulations on all your success.
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If Stitch was ex. 626, what happened to the other 625?
RoxanneRichie21 June 2007
Lilo and Stitch is one of the coolest Disney Channel shows ever! the real idea behind the show is that Jumba had the other experiments, Stitch's prototypes, dehydrated and put into a big container. eventually, the container gets opened and the pods are scattered throughout Kaui, the Hawaiian island Lilo lives on. Lilo and Stitch have to try to catch all the experiments before Hamsterveil, Jumba's old lab partner, and former Captain Gantu does.

It is a beautiful show and actually has some cute take-offs from things like Jurrasic Park and Fantastic Voyage. I really like the theme song and sing it every time I watch. My all-time favorite experiments are Stitch,625, and Angel. A favorite series exchange was actually said by Kim Possible in the crossover episode, Rufus: when Jumba says " You're Possible Kim, yes?" Kim said"No-I mean yes,am Possible Kim... Why are we talking like this?" I wouldn't have started to watch Disney Channel if not for Lilo and Stitch.
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Too bad it only lasts for 65 episodes...
ratso_rios30 October 2006
Lilo & Stitch: The Series is the best ever TV show, and if I have compared it with the movie, then the series would have been one-third better. However, if there are some things that need changing, it's the number of episodes - because 65 episodes are not enough and I mean it. I heard it over the web at And mostly, I was thinking of an alternate theme song for the series if you think the original theme song is annoying or just plain bad. But despite all that, Lilo & Stitch is the best TV show ever, and I'm not alone - I have met very few people my age who sometimes catch the odd episode. Well, despite being aimed at kids, the series is the best thing I have ever seen. What I like about it is for the alien experiments (maybe they should have a spin off series too, if permitted.) :)
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the second best Disney series
so_poor80823 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i love this excellent show because of the history: search the 625 experiments that Jumba made to Hamsterviel; the extremely good humor, specially the incredible things that make silly things by Pleakly and Jumba.

the series cant finish now, it must finish showing 628 and all the stitch's cousins in the home that they belong i would like to have all the experiments like pets, because their evil uses are very original and funny.

my favorite episode is that one of spikes, that makes everyone get silly, i couldn't stop laughing
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thorongil8927 January 2007
9/10 because nothings perfect, although Stitch is a lovable and funny character, balanced out by a full and diverse cast. The various story-lines of the episodes differ enough to keep the audience guessing how kilo and stitch will capture the next one and has enough familiarity within each one to ensure younger viewers enjoy the content.

Many laughs available from many different episodes, backed up by several movies which are equally as, if not more enjoyable than the episodes. My only wish is that the USA's 'Leroy and Stitch' comes to the UK.
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I love this show!
kloby93917 September 2005
This is a great show for all Lilo and Stitch lovers out there. It is just so adorably put together and makes for good fun and enjoyment. All the character voices from the original movie are there and the plots of the show are always different... New situations for Lilo and Stitch to get into and to solve. Their family is always getting bigger by the second. You also get to find out who the experiments are and what their talents are and where they go from there. It is a great follow up to Stitch the Movie. I think the Disney corporation and Disney Channel have done an excellent job at the series which isn't just some follow up junk that usually is predictable and rubbish. It is a real classic and for all Stitch lovers, a great time. I love it! I just would like to know when it comes out on DVD... Does anybody know?
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Like the Second Movie, is Nowhere Close to the Original
blizshadow117 September 2004
The original concept of "Lilo and Stitch" is simple, yet bursting with genius. Take the old "boy and his dog" routine, except replace the boy with a lonely girl, the dog with an evil, yet huggable blue alien, and set this all in Hawaii. Add fun music, play your cards right, and you have one of the best Disney movies of the new century. Naturally with this movie's success, a sequel was bound to happen. Now we all know Stitch is Experiment 626. What about the other 625? What can they do? You have the basis for a good story that turned into nothing but a simple marketing ploy with little thought put into it. And unlike most Disney flicks, the sequel set the tone for a possible TV show.

Like the movie, the plot of the series is for Lilo and Stitch to hunt down the other 623 experiments floating around the island before Gantu can get his greedy paws on them, convert them to good, and find the one place they all belong on the island. I admit, although I was skeptical of the movie, I was virtually ecstatic that Disney was making a TV show on this idea. I love the oldies: "101 Dalmatians," "Raw Toonage," Tale Spin," "Timon and Pumbaa," yada yada yada, and thought to give it a shot. Like the movie, this series is too bland to satisfy my taste for something as likable as the original.

First of all, it's too predictable. They confront a creature and turn it to good, learn a moral in the process, done. However there have been a few times, emphasis on few, that Gantu has succeeded against them. Secondly, a lot of characters seem out of character. In the first movie, Gantu was a strong, important, and disciplined military leader. Now, he's bumbling, clumsy, silly, and lost my respect. Pleakley and Jumba, who had very good comedic value to add, are now repetitive and boring. The only characters who remain virtually the same are Stitch and Lilo. Also, for such a grand saga that Disney created, you think they could have a bigger, better, more menacing villain than the small alien rodent, Dr. Hamsterveil. In plain words, he's downright annoying.

Now throughout my ranting, there are a few things I love about the series too. 625, the "sandwich-making freak", has lasting appeal and is actually very funny in my opinion, and gives the show a little more reason to watch. Also, it's fun seeing all those experiments run amuck on the island. They're all lovable. And of course, Stitch. How can we forget him? He's still that evil, loving creature and always will be, no matter how much Disney destroys him.

In conclusion: "Lilo and Stitch: The Series" is nothing more than a simple sequel to the sequel that will only be loved by small kids and hard-core fans of the blue UFO, and even a few of them choose to tune this one out. Like every show, it has its moments, but not enough to do justice to the first movie. It's like the Disney version of "Pokemon", predictable and too kid-friendly. I love Stitch and his mysterious, funny babbling to death, but Disney fails us again.
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"Lilo & Stitch" is The Best Disney Cartoon on TV
SonnyNStitch6266 November 2006
I first have to say that I loved the original "Lilo and Stitch" movie and I loved "Stitch has a Glitch" and of course "Stitch: The Movie" cause it was the pilot for this Great Show. I think this is the best movie turned cartoon EVER! Not to mention being the best cartoon on the Disney Channel. Actually, ever since Cartoon Network only plays such new boring stuff and has stopped showing all the greatest cartoons of all time such as ... Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Tom & Jerry, The Jetsons, The Smurfs, Beetlejuice, etc. It has made "Lilo & Stitch: The Series" the best cartoon on TV. If I had to give a 2nd, I'd say once you get used to the non-David Spade voiced Kuzo, then the Emperor's New School is pretty funny too. But I just LOVE Stitch! He is the cutest thing Ever! I Love Lilo's new ohana. She couldn't ask for a better family. Every character plays off each other so well that you just love them each individually and together. Pleakley is hysterical as his Aunt Pleakley character (Just love his out fits and and when he's just being his sweet, good hearted, cleaning, 'freaking out'! Jumba is great as the irresponsible Uncle Jumba (Lets Lilo play with and as his Evil Genius, yet good hearted self with his adorable take on the English expressions and his way of speaking. It's just too cute. Nani is great as the voice of reason and it's always funny the way she disciplines all of them and they just take it cause she's in! I love this show so much that I even like Gantu. I think I have a soft spot for him cause he seems to hate his boss, Dr. Hamsterviel, and his job. Which is sad cause it looks like he'd occasionally rather be having some fun as you see in episodes like 'phoon' and 'clip'. I'd like to see the guy catch a break from Dr. Hamsterviel once in a while cause he's a pain in the butt. Though, the way he speaks is kinda funny too. But nothing will EVER make me like Mertle. Nagga Patooki!! We all just hate her. Everybody: YEAAAAAAAH!!! But little Sandwich guy is adorable as well. Too bad he never really got to hang out with Lilo cause he needs an actual name besides being called 625 all the time. Though, by the way he eats, that may be the number of his weight! And what could I say about Stitch himself, except that I LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!! HE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE GUY EVER!! Oh and I think it is wonderful how much they all Love Elvis. THAT is just too precious. ;) I am also very happy to see that Lilo has finally made a friend in Victoria. It is about time. I think it is important for children to see that just because Lilo is a little different from the other girls doesn't mean she shouldn't have any friends. So she prefers Vampires and Zombies to Dolls. That is what makes her special. Plus Victoria seems to have the same things in common and she even likes Lilo's Aunt Pleakley, Uncle Jumba and of course, as Pleakley would say, 'the little monster', Stitch. ;) If I had to make any suggestions to the show it would be to have Stitch speak a little more English cause he sounds adorable when he does. I wouldn't take away his own language cause he sounds cute then too. So much so that I'm starting to understand him! But when he says things in English, it just sounds too precious. Also, we get that Lilo is Hawaiian so I don't think she needs to be in either the red or green dress with the leaves on it. She looks much cuter in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt with a pair of construction boots like her sister, Nani. Dresses are just not 'chasing down experiments'! Otherwise, as I said before ... It's the Best Disney Cartoon on TV and I highly recommend it to Everyone!!! ;)

Any chance that the episodes of "Lilo & Stitch: The Series" will be coming to DVD?? Cause I would love to own every show!

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Lilo and Stitch the series is a great show over all.
Boogles742 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Very underrated.The show is good ,the animation isn't the greatest,but I have seen worse (especially with some of those Nickolodeon shows).Stitch is a great and funny character.He crawls on the ceiling ,dances,gets in trouble ,falls in love, and picks his nose with his tongue.Watching the clumsy oaf of a bad guy ,Gantu ,trip over his two feet is also a lot of fun.Then there's Pleakley and Jumba.Pleakley is the so called 'earth expert' who obviously doesn't understand our culture.He is a neat freak and is very cowardly.He also believes mosquitoes are an endangered species. Jumba, the creator of Stitch,is the opposite of Pleakley.He doesn't mind messes and the only thing he fears is his ex-wife. Then there's Lilo and her sister,Nani. Nani and Lilo disagree and sometimes it's funny. There's also this girl and her gang that Lilo tries to be friends with ,but the brat always calls Lilo weird. There are some inconsistencies as with experiment numbers(Jumba calls experiment 505 the number 515 in the episode 'Ploot', I believe)and the colors of some characters ,but what show never has those? It's a good show for kids

,teens and yes, even adults(My mom likes it too!)
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Extremely cute, Extremely likable, Extremely funny, Extremely weird and it's great!
lewisdabson25 July 2019
Lilo and stitch is one of my childhood franchise's and I'll start by saying I loved the first movie, liked the second, liked stitch the movie, liked leroy and stitch and I really liked the tv series growing up. The characters are awesome, the comedy is funny, the drama is heartwarming, music is solid, morals are really good, the storys are all really entertaining even if they are a bit predictable, the animation is decent, voice acting and writing are good, it's cheesy (In a good way), crazy, intresting and heartwarming. Stitch is my favourite disney character because he is badass, funny, cute, loyal, selfless, kind, weird and just a perfect character in my eyes. In this series Lilo and Stitch try to haunt down experiments that have different powers and find a place where they belong. I can't recommended this really charming and lovable show enough.
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Didn't overstayed it's welcome at all!
valdezdelia31 August 2018
It's a good show for people that love the movies of Lilo and Stitch. I don't see anyone hating it, but I don't see everyone saying it's good. It's fine, but the show is repetitious. Still, it's fine to watch. If anything least, it's meh, but not anywhere done there.
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OginoChihiro9 February 2004
Sorry, I'm all for L&S, but I have to say that I hated the TV Series. Its much too like Pokemon, and seems like a money making scheme. There's no originality, plus, Lilo sounds fake now. The voice actress must have hit puberty because her voice is obviously forced and is much more annoying than it was before. This really drains the mood from me. I wouldn't recommend it unless your speakerphones are broken.
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What to say....
Worst_Fear15 June 2005
What can I say? This show is terrible! It's always the same thing again and again:

Lilo and Stitch find one of Stich's "Cousins", try to catch it, usually fail, Ganut comes, makes a fool of himself and fails too. In the end Stitch always comes through and catches the experiment and Lilo finds it a new home!


Lilo's voice actress isn't even trying anymore and she needs to quit her job before she completely ruins the rest of her young life!

Another thing about this stupid show is the theme song, it's ears are still bleeding from that racket! ><

The reason for this show? It's quite simply. Disney desperately wants money and they scope to new lows by making pointless sequels and shows like this!

My rating: 0/10
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Decent show, but inferior to the film
TheLittleSongbird3 February 2010
I have already said before that I love the film "Lilo and Stitch", it is just so warm, entertaining and funny. This series is decent, but it is inferior in fun and quality. First off, the animation is not too bad, there are some nice backgrounds and some lavish colouring. The theme tune is pleasant and catchy, and Lilo and Stitch are still engaging enough. Hamsterviel is still funny, as is Jumbaa, and Gantu has more to do here. Also, the experiments are quite cute to say the least. And the voice work is very well done.

However, there are some things that didn't quite work as well. While I liked the episode ideas they were very intriguing, some of them border on predictable and sometimes even generic. The script quality isn't as good as it was in the film, of course there are some good laughs and all that, but it isn't as funny or as poignant as the script from the film. Finally, some of the characters' personalities feel distorted. Pleakley isn't as hilarious here, and he feels out of character. But I was more disappointed with how the writers treated Nani who is rather hit-and-miss in this series. She is still warm and caring towards her sister and gives good advice, but at other times she is really mean towards her, like in one episode when she says she doesn't trust her and even threatened to get rid of Stitch. Sure Lilo has made a lot of mistakes, but a lot of people do. I am 17, and I make mistakes all the time.

In conclusion, this show is decent but not great. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Nick Jr. show on the loose!
theguys122 June 2005
This unsuccessful show follows from the movie, which was actually good. Lilo didn't have an annoying accent in the movie, and the drawings were shadowed and much better made in the movie. What is there to say? The show Recess is the same way: It's a pathetic attempt to make audiences see the movie. Both of these shows are really Nick Jr. shows passing off as Disney Channel shows. Other Disney Channel shows aren't very successful, either, but this show is just pure stupidity. One half of the reason I hate it is because of Lilo's irritating new accent, and because it's another suckish Disney Channel show. 2/10*. Watch another station, please.
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Where's the educational value?
maratk6 March 2007
My grandson watches the Disney Channel most of the morning until Lilo and Stitch or the Doodlebops come on. As far as Lilo and Stitch are concerned, I don't see the educational value to this show other than the opening music is very catchy. Granted my grandson is only 2 1/2 and most of the Disney Shows in the afternoon are for older children but this one just doesn't make sense to me. Aliens interacting with a little orphan girl??? What the heck are they teaching her and anyone watching the show.The story line is lame and repetitious. In addition, I would think the Hawaiian people would take offense to the caricatures, not characters, of Lilo and her sister.
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Interesting Plot, decent series.
bradme27 May 2006
Hmm...The general plot of the series, trying to capture rogue alien experiments is pretty cool. But the show does too many things wrong.

1. This would've been so much better as a series aimed at teenagers and such. Not messed up anime but more like an action show. With less child friendly stuff. Like epic battles and stuff.

2. To "After School Special-y." It always has a moral and such. It's really annoying.

I understand it's based off of a children's movie (a pretty good one for Disney's more recent works. *cough*homeontherange*cough*) But if the creators had decided to pitch this to a different channel with different characters and such with less childy things it'd be awesome. The show itself has it's moments. The characters do sort of grow on you although they can be annoying at times.

Overall, 5/10 stars. Great premise, bad execution.
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