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  • According to remarks at conventions and magazine interviews made by members of the cast and crew and leaks on the internet these are some of the rumoured storyline ideas for the series if it had continued until the end of the second season; -Tru's boyfriend Jensen would become more and more fascinated by death after her narrowly saving his life when he was fated to die. He would eventually become a serial killer and she would be forced to enlist Jack's help in killing him. Jack and Tru's father would cite this as justification for them stopping Tru from saving people, that she is messing with pre-destination. -Harrison would discover that his father is in league with Jack and working against Tru but is torn in deciding whose side to take given what happened to Tru's boyfriend. He begins to use information from the rewind days to his own advantage, seducing some of the women Tru saves but finds himself falling in love with one, a female college professor of philosophy. -Davis' fake girlfriend Carrie Allen who was arranged by Jack and Richard to divide him from Tru begins to genuinely care for him and a romance develops between them. However he discovers that she really did kill her violent and abusive husband and must decide whether or not to turn her in? He also discovers that Tru's mother was supposed to be her mentor as Richard is to Jack but with her dead he now takes the role. -Tru would start recieving surreal prophetic visions of a beautiful red-haired woman dressed in black who would appear only by moonlight. These would start off as dreams but then begin to occur when she is conscious as well. Jack would confess that he also sees the woman whom he refers to as the 'Moonlight Shadow' and considers her to be a combination of life/death/fate all rolled into one. Tru refers to her as 'The Banshee', the supernatural harbringer of death from Celtic legend and their are hints of attraction in their relationship. Jack is sometimes present in Tru's visions of the moonlight woman and sometimes she in his. Jack and Richard Davies would also use a mysterious diary to help them in their work. -A strange new character would be introduced who also seems to experience rewind days. They would sometimes help Tru, sometimes help Jack but most often just remain an observer to events. -Tru and Jack would find themselves beginning to experience other anomalies in reality allowing for more variations on the standard storyline including time speeding up, slowing down, reversing and allowing them to travel a short distance into the future. They also begin to be able to take other people with them on the 'rewinds', explore paralell dimensions and recieve portents through touching the property of the dead. -Tru's older sister Meredith would return pregnant from rehab and start working as a legal adviser for an enviromental pressure group. -Jack and Tru would become involved in a bank seige. Afterwards Jack would begin a relationship with a beautiful mortorcycle cop he meets at group therapy. She is there because she feels guilt at killing an unarmed suspect during the seige but from his rewind days Jack knows that she was fully justified in doing so, that otherwise he would have killed her. They begin an affair and his feelings for her make him question the morality of his actions and his monk-like solitary existance. -The latest corpse to ask for Tru's help is that of her 12 year old half sister. Tru succeeds in saving her and when Jack attempts to stop her he is killed by Tru's father who cannot bear to let his youngest child die, whatever else he believes. The series would end on a cliffhanger with Jack's corpse in the morgue asking Tru to save him. Edit (Coming Soon)


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