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Season 5

28 Sep. 2007
A Hero Ain't Nothing But a Sandwich
Las Vegas PD detective Max Dillon first arrests Danny, who learns DElinda is pregnant, of killing still missing Mary's dad, alone or with her, until Mitch and Mike prove there must be another suspect. Sam survives her kidnapping by dumping Vince Peterson in flight. Her disloyal attempt to recruit whales as investors fro the Montecito is fruitless, and late since gloomy cowboy Cooper already paid the tax arrear.
28 Sep. 2007
Shrink Rap
As Cooper takes over ownership of the Montecito in a rather unique fashion, Sam recounts the events surrounding the lives of her fellow co-workers, while in therapy, including Mike's attempts to figure out how a gambler is cheating and how Danny and Delinda are getting along with the prospect of becoming new parents.
5 Oct. 2007
The Glass Is Always Cleaner
The race is on for Ed's old position when Cooper announces that he won't "give" the job to Danny. The Montecito's new concierge also appears, while Sam finds her way back to another therapy position and Delinda feels the pangs of motherhood in terms of gaining some unwanted weight.
12 Oct. 2007
Head Games
While Danny assumes his new position as President of the Montecito, Delinda assumes he doesn't have any time for her. Meanwhile, Sam stands her ground, standing by what she saw while poolside, even if it means her job.
19 Oct. 2007
Run, Cooper, Run!
Mike and Danny arrive at Cooper's suite to find a dead body in his bed and things don't look good when Cooper takes off before the police arrive. Sam convinces the new concierge to babysit the son of one of her whales and the staff agrees to take part in a parenting test for Danny and Dalinda.
26 Oct. 2007
When Life Gives You Lemon Bars
Cooper insists on following Sam around to find out what she does, then finds himself having to split time with some old friends in an effort to make it up to her. Dalinda insists on having the control to hire a new baker for the restaurant, then regrets her decision and turns to Danny for help. Piper gets into the Halloween spirit.
18 Jan. 2008
Adventures in the Skin Trade
When Danny stands up to a friend-stripper's boss, Dalinda convinces him to stand up for all exotic dancers, who go on strike and have an effect on all aspects of the tourist trade in Las Vegas, including Mike, whose friends happen to be in town for the sole reason of hitting the gentlemen's clubs, and Dalinda herself, who feels the pangs of impending motherhood. Sam, while in the midst of doing a favor for Piper, asks one of her in return.
9 Nov. 2007
It's Not Easy Being Green
Dalinda predictably becomes obsessed with plans for a "green" lifestyle, while Cooper deals with an attractive adversary who's competing for the same business deal as he is and Sam, after being told her percentages are down, finds a new way to "attract" whales.
16 Nov. 2007
My Uncle's a Gas
When Danny's Uncle Luke comes back into town after a 25 year absence, trouble's afoot at the Montecito.
30 Nov. 2007
The High Price of Gas
After firing Sam, Cooper puts out the word for no one to hire her. After the casino is robbed, Danny and Mike take it upon themselves to go after the robber, no matter what the feds or Cooper's new PR man tells Danny, who suspect his uncle who recently re-surfaced in his life.
7 Dec. 2007
A Cannon Carol
At Christmas Eve, the Montecito staff finds all seasonal preparations go wrong. After making a bad fall, having accepted solo duty so Danny can celebrate his first married Christmas period, Mike even has a Dickensian dream: three women present his past, what would have been without him and his future.
4 Jan. 2008
I Could Eat a Horse
Cooper sends Danny and Mike out to the ranch to buy a horse, while Sam and Delinda are stuck in Vegas helping Piper (who's gotten a blast from the past).
11 Jan. 2008
3 Babes, 100 Guns and a Fat Chick
Among the bounty hunters that the FBI has trailing them in an effort to catch a high priced claim jumper, is a gorgeous woman who used to be one of Danny's sergeants in Iraq, who does nothing for Dalinda's ego and her appearance. And Piper doesn't help matters, either, when she kicks Dalinda out of the pool because of the way she looks. One of Sam's whales has lost his family in a random act of violence and she feels the blues because she doesn't know how to help him.
18 Jan. 2008
Secrets, Lies and Lamaze
Piper runs into trouble with the gaming commission, but Cooper bails her out, raising suspicions of the staff.
25 Jan. 2008
Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast
Piper and Mike go to a club to steal their bartender and wake up the next morning, married to each other. Sam has to deal with her expert cover-up man retiring and Danny tries to find a way to come up with an idea to combat the new ice bar that Cooper wants to put in the Montecito to draw new customers.
1 Feb. 2008
2 on 2
In the fashion of "White Men Can't Jump," Mike and Danny are involved in a local 2-on-2 tournament, but someone's killing the losers. Meanwhile, Mike gets a little friendly pressure to consummate their secret marriage from Piper, who also has a little pressure from her job when a magazine bigwig shows up and tests her services in the hospitality industry.
8 Feb. 2008
Win, Place, Bingo
Cooper is on the trail of someone he feels is cheating while playing the horses. Danny gets convinced by Mike that he needs to do a "dry run" for the hospital. Meanwhile, Mike and Piper feel their first time was a "little dry," and end up avoiding each other all day long.
Feb. 2008
Three Weddings and a Funeral: Part 1
An expensive stamp gets stolen; one of Sam's whales gives her a $50,000 chip as a tip.
15 Feb. 2008
Three Weddings and a Funeral: Part 2
Mike's omission of his nuptials to his family prompts him to put together a wedding for his mother's sake, as well as his family, which prompts Danny to propose to Delinda. Sam's deceased ex-husband's brother shows up with plans to take ownership of the Montecito in his family's name.

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