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Season 1

10 Jun. 2003
West Coast Semi-Finals
Comics on the West Coast compete in California to see who will move on to the Las Vegas competition. Ten finalists are chosen: Geoff Brown, Rob Cantrell, Tere Joyce, Ant, Ralphie May, Randi Kaplan, Lang Parker, Tess Drake, Sean Kent, Dat Phan.
10 Jun. 2003
East Coast Semi-Finals
Comics on the East Coast perform at Caroline's Comedy Club, in New York. Celebrity talent scouts are stand up comedian Colin Quinn, Joy Behar, and Caroline Rhea. Ten comedians are selected to move on in the competition.
24 Jun. 2003
Move-in, Move-Out
Dat, Tess, Cory, Tere, Rob, Sean, Dave, Rich, Ralphie, and Geoff move into their Hollywood house. The tour of the house started with Jay showing them the fortune teller. A machine that delivers messages, advice, and clues during their stay. Rich Vos started an argument on whether or not he should be allowed to smoke in the house. The comics visit an Elementary school and gave the kid of their choice comedy lessons. Jay announces there will be weekly contests in the house, which will mean immunity from getting voted out of the house. This week's contest was to perform ...
1 Jul. 2003
Rats! (Literally and figuratively)
Tess shoots her Extra segment. The comics find a rat in their house. Dave attempts to catch it. After many hours, Dave catches the rat and they set it free. The contest for this episode is to give tickets to people in an attempt to get the most people to come to the show. The person with the most people showing up gets immunity. Tess, again, wins immunity and a Beverly Hills shopping spree. Tere, crying, says Cory has upset her. Tere talks to Dat about her feelings toward Cory, but Tere ends up irritated at Dat. The day before the vote, the comics plot on who to vote ...

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