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A different Pete Smith Specialty
jtyroler12 May 2008
A Smith named Pete made quite a few shorts for MGM. In this installment, working with Dave O'Brien (of "Reefer Madness" fame, and quite a few of Pete Smith's shorts - uh, that sounds a little weird - short films, not his actual shorts), they give a quiz on horses. We learn that twin colts "are about as rare as whiskers on a mackerel". Dave O'Brien also appears in this short - trying to put a saddle on a horse. O'Brien seems pretty willing to go through just about anything for visual humor - he usually doesn't speak during Smith's short films.

This short asks several questions about various things about horses, races, and betting. Smith has a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, although it can seem dated. Personally, I think this is one of the better Pete Smith's Specialties.
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Fun Short
Michael_Elliott26 April 2009
Equestrian Quiz (1946)

*** (out of 4)

Pete Smith short was the eleventh film in the "What's Your I.Q." series, which offered quizzes to the movie audience. This quiz is all about horses and features questions like if a colt is born on December 31st then how old is it the next day. Answer: One year old. Other questions include what's the name of a betting pool, the correct way to put on a saddle, what's a pacing gait compared to a trotting gait and a few more questions. Even though I live five-miles from Churchill Downs I'm really not a fan of racing or horses but this film remained fun though. The movie is pretty entertaining from start to finish with some fun questions and some very good narration by Smith.
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