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Totally Hilarious!!!
SuPEr4HTacO20 July 2003
When I first saw the promo for "Banzai", I thought, yet again FOX tries to fill up the Sunday line up. I mean ever since they replaced "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" (great yet shortlived show) with "The Pitts" (blah....), I thought that there will only be reruns of shows after "The Simpsons". Or some crappy sitcom that is doomed to be cancelled after 3 episodes. But "Banzai" gave me new hope. It's a interactive show in which you can place bets online or just with your friends on contests like which old lady in a motorized cart will win 'Chicken'. How long a celebrity is going to talk to a woman who asks only one question yet has her microphone stuck in your face. Or where will a Princess Diana doll land to answer the inevitable question of "Has Harry Potter done it proper with a lady?". In midst of all this insanity and comedy, there is the hilarious Japanese host who speaks in broken english, but still put a smile on your face. I hope fox doesn't cancel this show. This is the best reality show I've seen!
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I love this show
KEERON9 February 2004
I love this show. I first fell in love with it when I was in England and then was stoked to see that it was coming to the States. Admittedly, it was better in England, because you couldn't bet online. It is sad to see that people got so upset when it aired here. So many people thought it was just too stupid, well, what's wrong with that, that's what makes it fun. Lady One Question and Shake Hands Man were cool, and the hosts were great. Watching this show provided my friends and I with memories that we will laugh at for years. This is a show that I would love to see more of, maybe when people in the States can learn to appreciate it.
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Never got the chance to shine
knsevy3 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers

This show was incredibly silly, and I enjoyed every one of the very few episodes that Fox put on. The concept of staging ridiculous games and then encouraging the studio audience to bet is kind of echoed in 'The People's Champions', but not nearly so cleverly.

I guess it just failed to pick up an audience, like 'Orson Beene', which Fox tried to float at the same time. I like the silliness of the games, the overacting of our host/narrator, and the format, which keeps things clipping along.

For the record, my favorite game was 'Lady One Question', where a faux interviewer would ask a real celebrity just ONE question, and after that just hold the microphone up and see how long they'd talk. Brilliant!
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I Miss This Show!
General_G31 August 2005
Another one of Fox's jems that they threw away because there idiots. I love Banzai! My favorite was Mr. Shakehands Man! He would always be shaking people's hands! His record was a little over a minute and a half. There were tons of funny sketches like that Harry Potter one. That one made so far from making sense that it was hilarious! I also liked that crazy host's voice. Totally Japannese! Why does Fox have to be so stupid and cancel every new good show that they have to replace it with some boring and annoying reality show? This show should have gone over to WB. They rarely throw out shows. Bring back Mr. Shakehands Man and all the other funny sketches!
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Most irritating show ever
Gorilla Punk21 July 2003
This show makes The Anna Nicole Show look wholesome. "Banzai" consists of a string of retarded, unfunny "stunts," where the home viewers are supposed to bet on the outcome. Maybe if we got some prize money for every time we were right, this show would be worth watching.

Instead, the obnoxious stereotypical Japanese accents just make my head want to explode. How do the guys at Fox get away with this rubbish? If they replaced the faux Japanese "warrior" people with African-American plantation type people and renamed the show "Let Me Axe You Sometin'," the show wouldn't even air!

The folks at Fox need to get lobotomies and bring back quality shows like "Family Guy" instead of this unoriginal nonsense.
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