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Megan Ward: Retro Cartoons for the Win

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Megan Ward: Retro Cartoons for the Win
As I was sitting here thinking of what to write about this week, I suddenly heard an annoying voice coming through my television. A bossy, pushy rabbit voice, that belongs to none other than Ruby, from Max and Ruby. This got my thoughts going to how sad it is that our children don't have the same television shows we had growing up. As a parent I find today's offerings for children's programming to be lacking the same appeal as the shows we all watched in our youth.

Let's use Max and Ruby for an example, because that show makes no sense whatsoever. Ruby is the older sister, of Max, and from what we can tell they are both under 10. They don't appear to have parents, yet there are photos on the wall of them. Ruby takes the bus, does laundry, bakes, all the while bossing Max around. Max is as naughty as they come,
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New Kids Show Coming From ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ Studio

The Fred Rogers Company, the corporation established by Fred “Mister” Rogers, is creating its first childrens’ program since Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood ended production in 2001. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will be an animated series based on the fantastical characters and settings from the original PBS show.

The show will feature the titular Daniel Tiger speaking directly to his audience in the same fashion that Fred Rogers used for decades. Other nods to the classic series include some of Rogers’ classic songs and Daniel putting on the signature red sweater and tennis shoes at the beginning of every episode.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a joint effort from The Fred Rogers Company and Canadian firm 9 Story Entertainment, whose credits include Max and Ruby and Wild Kratts. Also helping is Out of the Blue Productions founder Angela Santomero, a Blues Clues ...

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DVD Playhouse--august 2010

DVD Playhouse—August 2010


Allen Gardner

Black Orpheus (Criterion) Winner of the 1959 Best Foreign Film Oscar and that same year’s Palme d’Or at Cannes, Black Orpheus is a modern-day update of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice reset in 20th century Brazil during Carnival in Rio. Director Marcel Camus offers up a visual feast with some of the decade’s most ravishing color cinematography. A classic. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Archival interviews with Camus and actress Marpessa Dawn; Interviews with Brazilian cinema scholar Robert Stam, jazz historian Gary Giddins, and Brazilian author Ruy Castro; Documentary on the film; Trailer. Full screen. Dolby 1.0 mono.

The Last Song (Touchstone) Sentimental adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ (by Sparks and Jeff Van Wie) sentimental novel about a father and daughter attempting to repair their damaged relationship. Greg Kinnear, as the dad in question, comes off best, while tween sensation Miley Cyrus
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[DVD Review] The Rosemary Wells Collection

Welcome to the world of Rosemary Wells. She's an author and illustrator of children's books and now we are able to see these books come to life. Is this a good thing? Allow me to go out on a limb and say 'no, it is not.' However, it is possible that viewers ages 2 to 7, (the age range for which the DVD indicates this series is intended), might enjoy this. If so, then we as a society need to evaluate what the kiddies are watching.

What do kids ages 2 to 7 look for in being entertained via the TV? If we chalk it up to bright colors and a soothing storytelling narrator, then why even bother animating the talking animal cartoons and writing a story that likely was written in under three minutes? The two discs each come with four animated tales along with some extra content. Because this series is best for kids,
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Solange Knowles on Yo Gabba Gabba! for Mother's day marathon on Nick

Solange Knowles will guest star on a new episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! during a Mother's day themed pre--school marathon. On Friday, May 7 Nick's Mother.s Day Celebration also features episodes from hit preschool series Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, The Wonder Pets!, Go, Diego, Go!, and Max and Ruby. Recording artist, actress and mother Solange Knowles will boogie down Yo Gabba Gabba!-style in a brand-new episode of the hit preschool music series on Friday, May 7, at 1:30 p.m. (Et/Pt) on Nickelodeon. The new episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! will premiere during Nickelodeon.s special Mother.s Day-themed marathon of preschool favorites (9:00 a.m.. 2:00 p.m. Et/Pt). In the episode, .Baby,. Knowles performs an original song entitled
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Winners at the 14th Wgc Awards

Yesterday, the ceremony of the Writers Guild of Canada Awards was hosted by comedian Debra Digiovanni. During that night, the winners, who work either in the film or television industry, were revealed.

Dishing out the awards were special guest presenters including Yannick Bisson (Murdoch Mysteries), Kristin Booth (Crackie, Young People Fucking), Inga Cadranel (The Bridge, Rent-a-Goalie), Enrico Colantoni (Flashpoint), and screenwriters Mark Farrell (Corner Gas, Dan for Mayor), Michael McGowan (Saint Ralph, One Week), Jennifer Pertsch (6Teen, Total Drama Island), Christin Simms (Captain Flamingo, Dino Dan), Shelley Eriksen (ReGenesis) and Leila Basen & David Preston (Heartland).

Now, without further ado, let's present the winners.


Total Drama Action - “The Sand Witch Project”

Written by Shelley Scarrow

Children & Preschool:

Max and Ruby - “Max Says Goodbye”

Written by Kate Barris


The Royal Winnipeg Ballet – 40 Years of One Night Stands

Narration written by Robert Lower

Episodic half-hour:

Less Than Kind -
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Finalists at the 2010 Wgc Screenwriting Award

The Writers Guild of Canada (Wgc) just announced the finalists for the Wgc Screenwriting Awards. Those finalists come from the industry of television, filmmaking and web series. Besides, comedian Debra Digiovanni will host the 14th Annual Wgc Screenwriting Awards on April 19, 2010.

So, the finalists are...


* Grossology - "New Recruits." Written by Richard Clark.

* Total Drama Action - "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen." Written by Alex Ganetakos.

* League of Super Evil - “Glory Hog." Written by Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee and Davila LeBlanc

* Total Drama Action - "The Sand Witch Project." Written by Shelley Scarrow.

Children & Preschool

* Max and Ruby - "Max Says Goodbye." Written by Kate Barris.

* Max and Ruby - "Ruby's Good Neighbor Report." Written by Shelley Hoffman & Robert Pincombe.

* Zigby - "Zigby's Collection." Written by Louise Moon


* Malls R Us (Feature Version). Written by Helene Klodawsky.

* The Royal Winnipeg Ballet - 40 Years of One Night Stands. Narration Written by Robert Lower.
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