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4 Jan. 2005
Lights, Camera, Face Crack!
On New Year's Eve, Shelly breaks the girls' "no dates" pact by bringing a new romantic interest to the Z Lounge party. The rest of the gang share stories of past New Year's Eve date debacles, including J.T.'s evening with the delusional Diana (MISTY MAY), who thinks she's a superhero. While Donovan and Rita reminisce about Shannon (JILLIAN BARBERIE - "Good Day L.A.") and Jackson (PERRY KING - "The Day After Tomorrow"), Shelly's perfect evening takes its own surprising turn just before the final countdown to midnight. Recurring guest star PHIL LaMARR ("MADtv") appears ...
11 Jan. 2005
Breast in Show
Shelly puts "falsies" in her bra, but when men start giving her extra special treatment, she considers getting breast implants, spurring a lively debate with her girlfriends. Meanwhile, J.T. and Donovan are determined to stop Nick's annoying habit of never paying the bill when they go out.
8 Feb. 2005
Kung Fu Divas
Shelly and Rita take a kung fu class together, but when Rita proves to be more adept than Shelly, a rivalry ensues. VIVICA A. FOX ("Missing," "Kill Bill Vol. 1") guest stars as herself and DAVID CARRADINE ("Kung Fu," "Kill Bill Vol. 1") guest stars as Master, the kung fu teacher.
15 Feb. 2005
Wheeling and Dealing
After being caught parking her car in a handicap-only space, Shelly pretends to be handicapped to save a deal with Damien (DARYL "CHILL" MITCHELL - "Ed," "Veronica's Closet"), a wheelchair-bound department store buyer interested in DivaStyle's designs. Meanwhile, J.T. and Nick implement some strict house rules for their new roommate, Rita.
22 Feb. 2005
If the Shrew Fits
After a fight with Rita's unpleasant and very young stepmother, Lucy (JODI LYN O'KEEFE - "She's All That"), at a designer shoe sale, Shelly must attempt to apologize in order to assist Rita in acquiring some much-needed financial help from home. Meanwhile, after finding out that J.T. slept with Nick's ex-girlfriend in college, Nick decides to make a pass at Shelly to get even.
1 Mar. 2005
Prom Night
Eve is asked out by a younger man, Grant (recurring guest star SHARIF ATKINS - "ER"), who is chaperoning at his little sister's prom. What starts out as a "mercy date" surprisingly turns into a romantic attraction. YAYA DaCOSTA ("America's Next Top Model") guest stars as Ms. Jenkins.
29 Mar. 2005
Moral Minority
When Shelly and Rita discover that Janie had a secret fling with Troy (RICKY FANTÉ), an old high school classmate, they decide that Janie can no longer lecture them on right and wrong. Janie gets some advice from Ben (SAMM LEVINE), a rabbinical student. Meanwhile, J.T. and Nick suspect that Donovan may be keeping a big secret from them.
19 Apr. 2005
Real Women Have Nerves
Desperate to impress Grant (recurring guest star SHARIF ATKINS) by cooking for him, Shelly enlists the entire gang's help in the kitchen. Meanwhile, when J.T. and Nick's year-old satellite radio stops working, they seek help from a variety of customer service representatives--all based in India.
26 Apr. 2005
Testing Testing HIV
When Coleman's (PHIL LaMARR - "MADtv") hair salon gets shut down, Shelly and the girls help him set up his business in their shop temporarily, but they soon regret the decision when the demanding stylist takes over DivaStyle. Meanwhile, the gang learns some surprising information about Donovan after an immigration raid on Z Lounge.
10 May 2005
Resident Aliens
When Grant (recurring guest star SHARIF ATKINS) tells Shelly he's had an HIV test because he's ready to take their relationship to the next level, it encourages the whole gang to get tested. Meanwhile, after seeing how serious Shelly has gotten with Grant, J.T. realizes he still loves her. GOLDEN BROOKS ("Girlfriends") guest stars as Nurse LaDonna, and MARTENIZ BROWN, an HIV/AIDS educator, guest stars as Roderick, a clinic counselor.
10 May 2005
Taken for Grant-ed
A surprise camping trip causes Shelly to question whether Grant's (recurring guest star SHARIF ATKINS) simple, down-to-earth sensibility is really right for her. Meanwhile, J.T. confesses his love for Shelly.
24 May 2005
Stay Tuned
After spotting Janie helping Grant shop for an engagement ring, a distraught J.T. asks Rita and his parents, Andrew and Frances, for advice, which leads to a dramatic showdown between Grant and J.T. at Shelly's birthday party.
22 Sep. 2005
How Will I Know?
Shelly Williams (series star EVE), the owner of fashion company DivaStyle, is an intelligent woman attempting to balance the exhilarating worlds of love, sex and career. When her ex-boyfriend J.T. Hunter (series star JASON GEORGE) and new love, Grant (recurring guest star SHARIF ATKINS - "ER"), both dramatically propose to Shelly at her birthday party, she must weigh the qualities--and engagement rings--of both men in order to decide whom she'll marry and build a future with. Meanwhile, after skipping his flight back to England and staying in the United States ...
29 Sep. 2005
Shelly and?
After accepting J.T.'s proposal, Shelly giddily starts making plans for the wedding until her mother, Beverly (PENNY JOHNSON JERALD - "24"), shows up unexpectedly, determined to convince her daughter that marriage is a bad decision. Meanwhile, J.T. gets accepted to medical school. Later, Donovan receives an interesting offer that could allow him to stay in the United States.
6 Oct. 2005
Three Divas, No Style
Feeling like Shelly always ignores their creative input at DivaStyle, Janie and Rita decide to start their own line of items in the store, sparking a fierce competition between the women, both personally and professionally. Meanwhile, used to everything being easy for him, J.T. finds medical school a surprising challenge. Later, Nick regrets dating a co-worker.
13 Oct. 2005
The Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe
After Shelly gives Janie a dollar to play the lottery and Janie wins $5,000, the pair's argument over the money escalates, putting their long friendship in jeopardy. Later, when bad weather forces everyone to stay indoors, a discussion causes some of the friends to reevaluate their relationships and beliefs.
20 Oct. 2005
The Price of Friendship
After gaining weight and being unable to fit into her own gown, Shelly wears a client's dress on a date with Jalen (San Antonio Spurs basketball player ROBERT HORRY) to the Black and White Ball, only to get caught in it by the customer. Meanwhile, the friends pledge to diet together, but their resolve is tested when Janie enlists their help in preparing for her church bake sale.
27 Oct. 2005
Break Up to Make-Up
When Shelly and Janie refuse to let Rita be the new face of DivaStyle, she threatens to leave the partnership. Meanwhile, Donovan tries to help J.T. and Nick improve their looks by persuading them to use makeup.
3 Nov. 2005
Model Behavior
As Shelly and Janie prepare to unveil their new DivaStyle clothing line at a big South Beach fashion show, they discover that their former partner, Rita, will be modeling for their biggest competitor. Meanwhile, against J.T.'s wishes, Nick begins dating J.T.'s new anatomy class tutor.
10 Nov. 2005
Janie, Shut Up!
Janie calls a popular radio show to vent about her mother-in-law and ends up revealing more than she intended to. Meanwhile, Nick and Rita start dating. JAY MANUEL ("America's Next Top Model") guest stars as Jay and radio personalities J. ANTHONY BROWN, TOM JOYNER and MYRA J guest star as themselves.
17 Nov. 2005
Brit Better Have My Money
While being interviewed by local news reporter Aramanda De La Cruz (LAUREN SANCHEZ), the girls find out that the manufacturer of their new "DivaStyle Ready to Wear" clothing line runs a sweatshop. Meanwhile, Donovan convinces J.T. and Nick to help him sell makeup, motivating them to compete against each other for the biggest sale.
24 Nov. 2005
Marty in the Middle
Wanting to help Shelly get a date, Janie urges her husband, Marty (recurring guest star REGGIE GASKINS), to introduce Shelly to his single friend. But Marty is so complimentary when describing Shelly to the guy that Janie angrily suspects that Marty and Shelly are much more than friends--and Shelly's and Marty's efforts to convince Janie otherwise only make matters worse. Meanwhile, lonely J.T. decides to party with the guys for once instead of studying for his medical school courses--with disastrous results.
15 Dec. 2005
All About Eve
While spending Christmas at her mother's, Shelly wants to deck more than the halls when one of her mom's students, who's also staying there, replaces Shelly as the center of attention.

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