Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Poster

Igor Jijikine: Dovchenko



  • Mutt Williams : [Looking at Indy and Marion]  No! No, he was British! My dad was an RAF Pilot; he was a war hero; not some school teacher!

    Marion Ravenwood : No, sweetheart! Collin was your step father. We started dating 3 months after you were born! He was a good man!

    Indiana Jones : Wait, wait, wait. Collin? As in Collin Williams? You... Ha! You married him? I introduced you!

    Marion Ravenwood : I think you gave up your vote on who I married, when you decided to break it off a week before the wedding!

    Indiana Jones : I think we both knew Marion, it wasn't gonna work!

    Marion Ravenwood : You didn't know that! Why didn't you ever talk to me about it?

    Indiana Jones : Because we never had an argument I won!

    Marion Ravenwood : It's not my fault if you can't keep up!

    Indiana Jones : I didn't want to hurt you!

    Dovchenko : Oh, for love of God! Shut the hell up!

    Marion Ravenwood : Didn't you ever wonder why Ox stopped writing? He hated that you ran away!

    Mutt Williams : Would you two just stop!

    Indiana Jones : Yeah, Marion! Let's not let the kid see mom and dad fight!

    Mutt Williams : You're not my dad, okay?

    Indiana Jones : You bet I am, and I've got news for you; you're gonna go back and finish school!

    Mutt Williams : Really! What happened to "There's not a damn thing wrong with it, kid, don't let anybody else tell you any different"? You don't remember saying that!

    Indiana Jones : That was before I was your father!

    Mutt Williams : You're not my father!

    Marion Ravenwood : [Dovchenko gets up]  Oh yes, he is your father!

    Indiana Jones : You should've told me about the kid, Marion; I had a right to know!

    Marion Ravenwood : [Dovchenko gags Marion's mouth]  You vanished, after that!

    Indiana Jones : I wrote!

    Marion Ravenwood : [muffled by the gag]  A year later! By then, Mutt was born, and I was married!

    Indiana Jones : Why are you bothering to tell me now?

    Marion Ravenwood : Because I thought we were gonna die!

    Indiana Jones : Not yet!

    [Indy and Mutt start kicking Dovchenko until he falls over] 

    Mutt Williams : [Mutt empties his knife out of his shoe and throws it to Indy, and it lands on Indy's shoulder and drops to Indy's hand]  Got it?

    [hears a rip] 

    Mutt Williams : Oh shit!

    [Indy cuts himself loose, then Mutt] 

    Marion Ravenwood : [Indy goes over to Marion. She lifts her head, requesting he pull the gag out. He pulls the gag out of her mouth and begins to cut the ropes binding her hands]  I'm sure I wasn't the only one moving on with my life, there must have been plenty of women for you over the years.

    Indiana Jones : There were a few. But they all had the same problem.

    Marion Ravenwood : Oh yeah, what's that?

    Indiana Jones : [rips a hole in the roof to climb through]  They weren't you, honey.

    [He climbs out of the truck] 

  • Dovchenko : You recognize building, yes?

    [Indy looks over to the Russians dragging away the dead American soldiers they killed] 

    Indiana Jones : Drop dead.

    [Dovchenko slaps Indy across his face] 

    Indiana Jones : I'm sorry. I meant drop dead, comrade.

  • Indiana Jones : Compass! I need a compass! You know, north, south, east...

    Mac : West.

    Indiana Jones : No compass?

    Indiana Jones : [to Dovchenko]  I need your bullets!

    Dovchenko : [to Russians]  Ha-ha! On khochet moi patrony!

    [Russians laugh] 

    Indiana Jones : [to Spalko]  The contents of that box are highly magnitized. I need gun powder. You want my help or not?

  • Col. Dr. Irina Spalko : No defiant last words, Dr. Jones?

    Indiana Jones : I like Ike.

    Dovchenko : Put down gun.

    Indiana Jones : You got it, pal.

    [Drops gun, and gun fires off] 

  • Col. Dr. Irina Spalko : Najdite!

    Dovchenko : Prinesite mashinu bystra!

  • Col. Dr. Irina Spalko : Where was he found?

    Dovchenko : In Mexico. They were digging in the dirt, looking for this stuff.

    [Dovchenko drops pottery then Spalko kicks it] 

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