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  • Shobha lives a poor lifestyle along with her widower dad, Murari, in a village. One day a gypsy, Mangal, comes to her rescue when she is being chased by a bull, both continue to meet and fall in love with each other. Shortly thereafter she is abducted and taken to a man named Dildaar. Before she gets molested, she is rescued by Mangal, returns home to find that her father has passed away. When she refuses to marry Lalaji, he spreads rumors about her, and the villagers subsequently disown and blacklist her. She decides to go and live with Mangal, who is the son of Sardar Babbar, at the gypsy camp, but Mangal refuses to have to do anything with her. Subsequently Mangal returns to Shobha, apologizes, and both patch-up. Then Shobha's life is shattered when she comes across evidence that it was actually Mangal who abducted her, while Mangal himself faces many challenges and may even be killed for betraying his people.

  • Kabeela means a family. Right from the earliest period in Human history, human being lived in groups and families. In those days they had to move from place to place in search of food; and weer compelled to lead a nomadic life. But soon they started settling down. They established villages, townships; and eventually formed nations. For binding together the people of different origins, and different habits, for sharing the fruits of their toll and for living together happily and peacefully, code of conduct had to be evolved, which eventually turned into rules and regulations; and with that Human beings stepped into the realm of Civilization. But there were a number of clans and tribes who stubbornly refused to joins the main current of social evolution. They preferred to stick on to their age old habits and continued to live in their own way. Their life has no other meaning except, existing by any means. In our country there still are, number of tribes who lead a nomadic life. They are known as Gypsies. No civilized society, nor any Popular Government would like som of their people to lead such a backward life- Story of KABEELA is the story of such a family - or rather a tribe. They are still sticking on to their age old way of life Singing and dancing is the part and parcel of their life; and they never look down upon anything - even a hideous crime - that is done for existence. In fact they have proudly accepted it as their profession. Mangal, youth from such a family, accidentally comes across a village belle named Shobha. She enters his life as a small feeble ray of hope. But very soon, illuminates the whole course of his life. Eventually he is able to see the road to civilization taken up by all the Humanity, and starts resenting the backwardness of his own community. And instead of resigning himself to Fate, he decides to rebel against his own people. He declares, that the rules and regulations which they have formed for themselves, cannot be the laws for the whole society. In fact, the laws of the Land where they are born, the Land which gives them shelter and food, should be accepted with utmost respect; and they must treat those laws as their own laws. But other people in his community are so tradition - bound that they not only disagree with him, but his own friends and colleagues become his enemies. But Mangal, is not a man who could remain inactive, who could just give vent ot his anger only by abusing and cursing his own people. He has courage of his convictions; and he is even prepared to stake his own life in order to lead his people towards a new life. The law of the land and the Police who are the custodians of Law and Order, are there to help him at every step-ill he is successful in his mission. "KABEELA" is to the story of their clash-the eternal clash of the age old traditions and new social awareness. It has been turned into a very gripping film which you can see and enjoy on the silver screen.


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