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Season 5

23 Sep. 2007
Thrill Kill
In 1994, three little boys are murdered in a swimming pool, and everyone blames the two grunge kids from the low-class part of town. Years later, Rush reopens the case after one of the convicted kids takes his own life.
30 Sep. 2007
That Woman
The team reopens the 1998 homicide of a 15-year-old high school girl, with a reputation for being promiscuous, after a piece of her clothing is found.
7 Oct. 2007
Running Around
The detectives reopen the 2006 case of a murdered Jane Doe when relatives and friends identify her as an Amish teenager who went missing in Philadelphia during her Rumspringa.
14 Oct. 2007
Devil Music
The team investigate the case of Bingo Zohar, a young rock n'roll singer who was murdered in 1953, when the rock is rising.
21 Oct. 2007
Thick as Thieves
The Detectives try and solve the case of a woman who died after being in a coma for 18 years.
28 Oct. 2007
The case of a young, inner city math genius killed in 2002 is re-opened after his half-brother releases some information about the slain victim.
4 Nov. 2007
World's End
The discovery of human remains in the bottom of a well leads to the reinvestigation of the case of a housewife who went missing during Orson Welles' radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds".
11 Nov. 2007
It Takes a Village
The discovery of a dead body in a storage facility reveals the presence of a serial killer who has killed four African-American boys over the course of a few years.
18 Nov. 2007
Boy Crazy
The 1960's case is reopened of a young girl named Samantha ("Sam") who was relentlessly teased and even groped at one point for dressing like a boy, after which she was found murdered and left in a river.
25 Nov. 2007
Lilly's team re-investigates the 1982 murder of a man who was killed after being accused of date rape by several female college students.
9 Dec. 2007
Family 8108
The 1940's case of a Japanese American killed after detainment in a camp is reopened. Meanwhile the Cold Case team fears their beloved boss, John Stillman, will retire and leave them.
6 Jan. 2008
The Cold Case team investigates a serial bomber who seems to be targeting people in no particular pattern, but then they discover the bomber may be killing out of grief and loss.
17 Feb. 2008
A young woman, who is abused by her father, begins to date a young man who turns out to be a neo-Nazi.
30 Mar. 2008
Andy in C Minor
New evidence indicates that a teenager who disappeared in 2006 from a residential high school for deaf students had been murdered.
6 Apr. 2008
The Road
A woman was abducted in 2007 from her engagement party and is presumed murdered.
13 Apr. 2008
Bad Reputation
An ex-convict is murdered in 1997 after trying to visit his young son, and his file is reopened by the Cold Case team.
27 Apr. 2008
In 1962, a woman's death is ruled a suicide. Her granddaughter asks the team to investigate her suicide after she provides them with newer evidence she hopes will prove that her grandmother's suicide was actually a murder.
4 May 2008
Ghost of My Child
A fire which killed the child of a junkie is reopened when she claims to have seen him alive in the park.

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