Jurassic World (2015) Poster

Nick Robinson: Zach



  • Gray : Can we stay with you?

    Claire : I am never leaving you again!

    Gray , Zach : [points to Owen]  No, no, him. We mean him.

  • Zach : You see? I told you. You're welcome. Up close and personal with four... dinosauruses.

    Gray : Ankylosaurus. We shouldn't be here. And there's five dinosaurs.

    Zach : Aren't you supposed to b a genius or something? Look. One, two, three, four.

    Gray : [points to the Indominus Rex reflection on the gyro sphere glass]  ... five...

  • Zach : Your boyfriend's a badass.

  • Gray : If mom and dad get divorced, will one of us be with mom and the other with dad?

    Zach : What? Why would you say that?

    Gray : Because they are.

    Zach : No, they're not getting divor... they're not getting divorced! Look, you haven't been around long enough; they've always been that way.

    Gray : They get mail from two different lawyers.

    Zach : That doesn't mean anything.

    Gray : I Googled it. They're divorce lawyers.

  • [from trailer] 

    Zach : That was awesome!

  • Gray : [when going off road in the Gyrosphere]  No, no, bad idea.

    Zach : No, it's a great idea.

    Gray : No, it's a bad idea. We're gonna get arrested, they're gonna shave our heads. and we're going to have to make root beer in the toilet.

    Zach : What are you talking about?

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