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Mikko Koitere: Why aren't we moving? Are we gonna stay here?

Pirre, Koitereen vaimo: Stop it.

Mikko Koitere: Stop what?

Pirre, Koitereen vaimo: That.

Mikko Koitere: What 'that'? Don't take that doggyface now. What do I have to stop? Speak Finnish! What do I have to stop?

Pirre, Koitereen vaimo: Don't do this, I don't want to talk when Jaakko is here, we'll talk later...

Mikko Koitere: Hey, if we're not moving we're gonna talk. Don't take that doggyface!

Pirre, Koitereen vaimo: Don't get pissed!

Mikko Koitere: I'm not getting pissed, I'm talking very calmly, I'm asking what's wrong with you. And what do I have to stop? What do I have to stop? What? What what what what? What the hell is wrong with you now? I've had a fucking hard day without that doggyface and sulking...

Pirre, Koitereen vaimo: You know what? Forget it!

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