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Great story and cast
CornanTheIowan2 August 2018
I watched this in 1972 and I loved the ending, as I didn't know the previous history of the on-stage musical (musicals?) that preceded it. Always better the first time.

And I loved the supporting cast, especially Wally Cox's role. I sense that Wally Cox's star has faded more than others in his class of performers.

Early in the DVD era, I found somebody on eBay offering taped-from-the-air video of pretty poor quality, and I bought it. But I just learned that in 2016, TimeLife came out with UPC 610583525496, "Carol+2", which includes this show, though it's not in the cover art.

I'm only including this here because there doesn't appear to be a way to answer my fellow member's "Q".

So, it's classic, it's good, it's available, you can watch it with your kids (if you pry them away from their tech)... what else do you need to know?
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Back when TV producers cared about classics for all.
mark.waltz21 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
While this classic children's story has all the elements of a fairy tale, the stage musical and its three TV versions are more adult in nature, like a "Fractured Fairy tales" expanded and nearly as twisted as a "Family Guy" episode, although not nearly as blue. There's insinuations of unwed motherhood, a mother seemingly in love with her son (obviously having a sordid affair with an overly loyal guard), and a rather creepy jester who comments on all the action. Through the magic of it's Broadway originator Carol Burnett, Princess Winifred (aka Fred) comes alive, swimming the moat to find love with future TV brother Ken Berry.

This colorful revival of the 1964 TV special is made with an early 70's "mod" theme, utilizing Jane White and Jack Gilford as the nagging queen and her mute husband once again from the original cast. Old pal Bernadette Peters joins Carol as expectant single mom Lady Larkin, with Broadway veteran Ron Husman as her shocked Beau. Cut down to a respectable 90 minutes, this special is the type of entertainment that veteran TV audiences expected in the 1960's and '70s but rarely get now. Burnett plays every laugh for all it's worth, wearing comically garish Bob Mackie gowns, adding even more spark to the classic Mary Rogers score. If this ever becomes commercially available, don't be "shy" and take advantage of the pleasure it has given countless others in times gone by.
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