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great show!!!!
london_baby15 October 2003
i love trl!!! i have only seen the US version a couple of times but from what i've seen i can safely say that the UK version is a trillion times better!!! Dave Berry is a great charismatic host, and always has a laugh with the guests. also, the bands who appear on it always perform live - no miming!! today hilary duff is the guest and she is also in the ad for it, so it'll be cool!! finally, the set is also better - there's an inside bit and an outside stage. so overall trl is a great show. my only complaint? tim giving the news - so boring!!!
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Pretty Darn Good so far
morethantrevor21 August 2003
Oh hell yeah! It's only in it's third episode and it's been really good. I mean sure the U.S version is good but ours is better. First off Dave doesn't change around the celebrities. Second Dave is much more attractive than Carson. And third it's BRITISH. The first guests were the Foo fighters which is amazing for a first show and it was really energetic and the stars seemed really involved giving an amazing acoustic version of "Times like these" before jogging next door to do "GRL" with zane lowe. But the best "EPISODE" so far was today's show. The only reason i planned to watch was because the Amazing (judge me if you will) Good charlotte were appearing and perform live! And it was really good. But then they had two other Really good guests.......... The Amazing and very talented Jason Patric! And the very sexy, very funny, exellent skater BAM MARGERA! and it was a good show.

You'll either love it or hate it and i love it. but trust me dave alone is worth watching, very funny and sexy man. tune in, you might just like it
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