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Season 1

18 Apr. 2004
Part 1
Louis Trevelyan, a handsome, young man, falls in love with Emily Rowley, the daughter of a governor. But their happiness is disturbed when Louis becomes jealous of Emily seeing a family friend, Osborne, and forbids her to see him. Innocent, despite being suspected of wrongdoing, Emily continues to meet with him. Neither Louis nor Emily will back down and a gulf begins to grow between them.
25 Apr. 2004
Part 2
Emotions rage as Emily refuses to apologize for upsetting her husband. Emily and Nora are sent away to stay with family in London until tensions cool. Nora becomes engaged and Louis flees to Italy to clear his thoughts. A dinner party is thrown and Osborne stops by uninvited and is turned away. News of this visit reached Louis in Italy and he demands that his son be sent to live with him.
2 May 2004
Part 3
Louis arrives in London unkempt, dishevelled and friendless, driven by his obsession that his wife has betrayed him. When Emily meets him in the hope of reconciliation she is shocked by the deterioration in his health. They try to resolve their differences, but nothing is achieved from the exchange as Louis does not believe Emily and plots to kidnap his son from her..
9 May 2004
Part 4
Louis flees back to Italy with his son. It's revealed that Bozzle has been the messenger of information driving Louis mad. After discovering where he is living, Emily visits him and pleads to release their son. Louis and the child are brought back to London. Louis still cannot bring himself to acknowledge that she has never betrayed him, and that his delusions have brought this tragedy upon them.

 Season 1 

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