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Season 2

29 Mar. 2005
Gold Mine
Back from their holiday, the team learns that an old friend and con artist, has been sent to prison. He tried to con businessman Howard Jennings in a stock deal but unfortunately for him, Jennings knew the game too well. Danny is very keen to take this fellow on and now has to devise a plan for the most difficult of marks: conning someone without them ever knowing they have ever been conned. So, they try to convince Jennings that there is possibly a gold mine in the heart of London.
5 Apr. 2005
When Albert doesn't show up for a planned scam the scheme falls through but he has already staked out another target. Johnny Keyes is now a successful London restaurant owner with a violent and nasty past. Keyes' son disappeared long ago and would give anything to find him and help him out in life. The plan is simple: have Danny impersonate the boy and tug on Keyes heart strings to the point where he will be just begging to give him money. When the plan falters, they go to their backup plan which proves to be a bit more successful.
12 Apr. 2005
The Lesson
The team set their sights on a former African despot, Anthony Mgube, who now lives in Switzerland. Mgube collects old banknotes and very much wants to get his hands on a 19th century US $1000 note. All is going well until Danny shows up with a new friend, Trevor Speed, who wants in on the long con. The team is reluctant to take him on, but eventually give in to Danny's ultimatum to trust him or he'll quit. Meanwhile, Stacie is upset that her bank has charged her £85 for a very minor overage on her account and she enlists Albie to help her get even. In the end, nothing...
19 Apr. 2005
The con artists have to deal with a bent copper when she arrests Mickey and Danny in Eddie's bar in the middle of scamming someone. The police Officer, DI Sam Phillips, makes it quite clear that she expects 50% of the proceeds but also half of their next scam, involving original artwork for a 1930's comic book. The idea is to put the original up for auction and then swap it for a forgery once the sale is complete. The real question however is how will the con artists get away with their scheme and get rid of the pesky police officer at the same time?
26 Apr. 2005
Old Acquaintance
The team's next victim is Jake Henry, Stacie Monroe's husband. He walked out on her five years previously and cleaned out her bank account leaving her, as she says, a cactus, a Phil Collins CD and a stale piece of cheese. Henry fancies himself a top poker player so the plan is to scam him in a game of Texas Holdem. There may be cause for concern however when Stacie apparently starts to re-connect with Henry and he in turn wants them to renew their relationship.
3 May 2005
Eye of the Beholder
The team plan to commit the crime of the century - the theft of the Star of Africa, largest diamond in the world and centrepiece of the Crown Jewels.

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