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7 Jan. 2011
Silent Witness
Having 'sold' the Houses of Parliament to some Japanese businessmen the quintet of hustlers smugly seek another mark and have a choice of three unsympathetic victims. However they change their plan to trap Wendy Stanton,who rooks young girls like Eddie's niece Kacey of their savings with her less than above board model agency. Micky poses as a designer anxious to sign Kacey up as the face of his UK Chic line. A bogus shoot is set up in a disused warehouse where Wendy is asked to invest a five figure sum to have her name associated with the launch. An even more ...
14 Jan. 2011
Old Sparks Come New
Emma meets an old boy-friend,Joe,now a widower with a little son,facing eviction after borrowing money from Dosh4You,a loan company run by hard-hearted Georgina Althorp,who has thrown many families onto the street via legal loop-holes. Somewhat improbably the hustlers take over a castle,complete with elderly extras,to reel in Georgina and 'sell' the building to her,along with its accompanying title,from its impoverished 'owner' Ash for half a million pounds. Of course she bites, with the result that Dosh4You collapses,benefitting not only Joe but others of Georgina's ...
21 Jan. 2011
Clearance from a Deal
American Marcus Wendell opens his first British casino, proclaiming his hatred of cheats. He tells how, at the very first Wendell casino a hundred and fifty years ago, Albert's great grandfather was branded a cheat, which Albert denies. Marcus knows that the gang are hustlers so that, when they agree to help Albert clear his ancestor's name in a grudge match, they are at a disadvantage. An elaborate scheme to sell Marcus a supposedly antique roulette wheel which is rigged backfires but fortune literally favours Albert when Marcus's own wheel, a family heirloom, proves...
28 Jan. 2011
Benny's Funeral
The hustlers are at the funeral of old grifter pal Benny but later find that he faked his death to escape fearsome Iranian hard man Danush, to whom he is in debt. The gang decide to help Benny back onto his feet by hitting Danush. Learning that he is interested in importing cigarettes illegally they decide to offer Danush a lorry load, most of which is made up of old newspapers. The hand-over is made but the money is stolen by two masked men in a car. it looks like the hustlers have been hustled but is Benny responsible for setting them up?
11 Feb. 2011
The Fall of Railton FC
When his old football club,Railton,goes into administration because greedy sports agent Don Coleman has sold his client, star player Asda Price, at vast profits to himself,Ash declares a grudge match against Coleman. Mickey reels him in by posing as a businessman whose company are looking for investors in worthy sporting projects,then,as a show of faith,the hustlers pay Coleman to manage Sean,masquerading as a Canadian footballer looking for a work permit. Mickey resumes the remainder of the sting in which Albert,alias millionaire Karl Schultz,'sells' his non-existent...
18 Feb. 2011
The Delivery
Cool Hand Cooper mails himself in a crate from jail seeking the hustlers' aid. He is due for parole but fears for his life having stolen diamonds from the Mafia and asks the team to retrieve them for him. Unfortunately a police station has been built over the burial place calling for a complex plan of action,involving a traffic jam to snarl up London and to call the cops out and the supposed repair of faulty drains to justify digging. The rocks are recovered but,with the help of Albert's friend Yusef,the hustlers claim them for themselves. Albert himself sits out the ...

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